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      How leading brands are creating time to build better business outcomes

      Discover how our customers are using the AIOps platform
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      Right from the start, Avantra proved itself as the best monitoring choice for Coop Group, mostly down to the platform’s reliability. The Coop Group needed Avantra to monitor all servers, SAP systems and instances, as well as their non production systems. The number of systems was large (83 systems on 126 servers) and, when compared to the number of administrators, the balance was out of kilter. 

      Creating time to build reliability

      The Coop team built 30 different custom automations (on top of the native Avantra checks). Their Basis admins used the Avantra step library to build automations that showed active agents and enterprise managers. They also used the Avantra platform to build alarms and escalations for dedicated scenarios. That means that the right people always know when there is a genuine issue that needs their attention.

      The daily checks within Avantra saved their team from manual monitoring activities. Before, the Coop Group admins wasted valuable time identifying problems, but now their reaction to critical issues are immediate - and even proactively remedied - while providing a proper notification history.

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      The US food giant, Gordon Food Services, saves 330 hours per month with Avantra, creating time to build better customer experiences. The North American food distribution company deployed Avantra to speed up invoice workflows between SAP Ariba and S/4 systems. Today, Avantra provides Gordon Foods with full visibility of any invoices that get stuck between the food company’s systems, lowering the cost of their operations by automating ABAP and technical operations. 

      Time to build better business outcomes

      Avantra custom checks fetch data from Gordon Food’s SAP Ariba and gives the food retailer total traceability of their business processes, including alerts for negative amounts, payment failures and anything sat for more than 2 days. After just 4 weeks, Gordon Foods received immediate resolution and return on investment with Avantra allowing them to focus on building better business outcomes.

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      A German world leading manufacturer of car parts (for drive and automation technology) increased their SAP monitoring and smart factory operations with Avantra.

      Time to build a global smart factory

      Avantra predicts maintenance activities for the company’s busy production lines. Using data from Avantra, anyone within the business can identify components that need replacing. No more costly machine failures, and higher production output.

      Avantra notifies of any critical system alarms, so even with multiple shift changes, round the clock IT support isn't required. Instead, a simple on call service stops team fatigue and saves SEW EURODRIVE a lot of time and added cost.

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      Migros, Switzerland’s largest supermarket chain, needed to put a stop to major failures in its SAP production systems. Its cooperative structure is supported by complex infrastructures, requiring a growing number of maintenance teams to manage increasingly interconnected systems across numerous online stores, supermarkets and convenience stores, in multiple countries.

      Time to build a thriving business

      As the company grows, the need to integrate other technologies with their SAP landscape also increases. The supermarket needed one tool to manage a mixed technologies environment and make the most of SAP data within an ITOM environment.

      Now, with Avantra as their SAP AIOps platform, server updates take less than two hours, system copies take just three minutes and monitoring for a new system is up and running in just 30 minutes. Today, Migros are focusing on building value and growth through intelligent operations. 

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      With the powerful Avantra automation engine, Absoft has scaled its SAP operations, eliminated repeat incidents and improved response times for its customers.

      With the Avantra platform at the heart of this thriving national service provider, managing multiple, highly complex, SAP landscapes at scale is a breeze. Having an automation foundation, allows Absoft to focus on growing their reputable business while focusing on the exceptional service its customers have come to expect. 

      Creating time to build customer value

      The complete flow - from daily checks, key issue alerts and other repeat actions - is fully automated with Avantra. Absoft maintains complete SAP landscape transparency of multi customer environments in real time. That means greater insights for the Absoft team and more time for value adding customer projects.

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