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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Case Study 

      Supporting plans to deliver the future of SAP managed service powered by automation


      MSP Absoft provides best in class managed service to customers.


      Talk with an SAP expert

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      Customized solutions for customers 
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      Prioritization of problems
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      No need for second fixes
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      Increased customer benefits

      Brenton O'Callaghan, CCO at Avantra and Robert MacDonald, Innovation and Technology Manager at MSP Absoft talked about

      • why Absoft chose Avantra and how it helps saving time
      • what the impact on the team is
      • how Absoft maintains Avantra
      • how Avantra helps with hybrid deployment scenarios
      • how Avantra has helped Absoft’s automation strategy
      • how Avantra is helping Absoft grow their business
      • how the customer experience has improved
      • how the innovation strategy has evolved
      • how the Basis team has benefited and how they have more time for proactive work.



      “As our customers increasingly move towards the cloud, realtime visibility of all critical business processes, the ability to eradicate repeated incidents and the option for users to request automated process implementation - without the need for human interaction - are set to revolutionize the SAP user experience and the results it can achieve.“
      Robert MacDonald
      Innovation and Technology Manager at Absoft

      Customized solutions for customers

      There is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach and Absoft saw huge potential in Avantra as a core platform to provide a more specialized management service for its customers. Avantra’s out-of-thebox capability and custom checks feature meant that Absoft could offer highly tailored solutions for their customers’ SAP landscapes in a more scalable way. 

      Prioritization of problems 

      There is always an inevitable noise that comes with managing complex SAP landscapes. By running Avantra, Absoft is able to sift through complicated issues using automated daily, best-practice and real-time system checks. The complete landscape visibility in Avantra means the Absoft team understands the real implications of every issue, with business process orientated dashboards showing end-to-end performance.

      No need for second fixes 

      Without automation as standard, the same faults pop up again and again, requiring manual investigation and delayed resolution. With Avantra, Absoft can automate the complete flow, right through from finding a fault to making sure it never happens again. Even problems which need repeated action are automated with Avantra, saving time and expertize for Absoft’s team.

      Increased benefits to customers 

      The combination of Avantra’s automated build and run operations gives Absoft the confidence to shift both internal and customer processes towards self-healing, automatically preventing problems before they become business impacting. This frees up time both for Absoft and customer teams to focus on higher value activity, such as digital transformation or IT Ops integration.



      • Less efficiency and proactivity and a lot of manual tasks
      • The need to innovate but lack of resources
      • It's critical to provide real-time visibility into system health and performance



      • Less repetitive manual intervention
      • Customized solutions for customers
      • Deeper and more relevant system insights
      • Prioritization for problems
      • No need for second fixes


      With deep insight into SAP applications across the full-stack of technology, Avantra’s unique insight into the root cause of issues, combined with automation, means Absoft prevents problems from reoccurring and avoids repetitive manual intervention.

      Read the complete success story

      Find out how you provide best in class managed service to customers.
      With Avantra your MSP will:
      • avoid repetitive manual intervention
      • get customized solutions for your customers
      • get deeper and more relevant system insights
      • be able to prioritize for problems
      • have no need for second fixes
      Read the success story

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