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      Stop firefighting, missing out, burn out

      With Avantra always on, it’s easier for you to switch off.

      And that’s when things start to get really interesting.



      Automated SAP operations

      Avantra is more than monitoring SAP operations. It’s a state of mind. It's the inner peace from knowing things will be ok - even when you're not logged on. It's the chance to stop firefighting and ignite innovation.

      Real transformation doesn't happen under pressure. It needs room to breathe, blossom, and grow. With Avantra always on, it's easier for you to switch off. And that's where things get really interesting...


      Not all downtime is bad for business

      Managing your enterprise's SAP landscape is tough. That's why the Avantra platform simplifies SAP operational tasks so that you and your team can get some proper downtime - the kind that gives you the bandwidth to add real business value. 

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      Stop firefighting and ignite innovation

      Imagine being able to anticipate issues across the SAP landscape well before they become your problem. With less firefighting you'll have more time to focus on projects that move your business forward. The Avantra platform gives you back control - no matter how complex your SAP landscape.


      Want to create more value? Value your time

      What if you and your team had more time? Wouldn't you want them to be free of monotonous tasks? An AIOps platform like Avantra gives you a significant opportunity for a competitive edge. With more valuable time on their hands, your team will have the capacity to deliver more innovative technology projects.

      The SAP operational leader's

      guide to automation


      SAP operations on the go

      By Emily Tippins & Heiko Mannherz


      Firstly, you’re not alone... If you’re desperate for headspace, to get your head above the parapet. We hear you. SAP operations leaders, like you, need a moment. SAP is the heart and soul of your organization but sometimes it can feel soul destroying. Especially when most of your time and budget is spent staying afloat. But if you take a minute right now, to look into automating your SAP implementation, you can give yourself and your team the right kind of downtime. The kind that lets you stop firefighting - for one moment - so you can consider some groundbreaking automations that won’t break the system (or your reputation). 

      You're also not alone if you have no idea how to incorporate SAP into your business’ existing processes. It wouldn’t surprise us if you feel like you’ve inherited a system that doesn’t fit your needs. We hear that a lot. But running around, troubleshooting the latest issue or security concern will leave you run ragged. Something you simply can’t afford to become. You’re responsible for keeping this critical system up and running.

      Mostly that’s about “hands on deck” performing endless labour-intensive, manual processes - and that’s just the routine tasks. This heady environment diminishes your team’s ability to innovate. And this is all set against the backdrop of growing pressure for innovation... and greater flexibility … oh, and improved speed.

      So, imagine if your most knowledgeable and skilled team members had the power to offer real business value and provide a true competitive edge? In many ways, you can have your cake and eat it too.

      SAP operations on the go is about letting you work and live in this new hybrid world. You don’t have to choose between sink or swim. The key to life/life balance for VPs of SAP is automation. Automation of SAP operations. That’s the automated execution of the most important build and run tasks for SAP systems and SAP applications.

      So, how can you get your time back...?

      How to get your time back with SAP automation

      When it comes to SAP automation, the most important area - the one that’s going to give you back your time - is automation of SAP operations. 

      There are two major trends in the SAP ecosystem today. On one hand, there’s the migration of workloads to the cloud, including SAP workloads. On the other, there is SAP’s very own strategy of moving everyone to SAP S/4HANA. You’ve probably seen both these in recent announcements of RISE with SAP

      These two major trends, alongside the need for innovation, will provide tremendous career opportunities for every decent SAP consultant in your team - the very same people you need to keep the lights on. In the near future, it’s unlikely that any other IT automation will bring as many positive changes to their work life balance as automation.

      Learn how to automate your SAP implementation

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      What are the benefits of SAP automation?

      To cut to the chase, SAP automation isn’t a benefit - it’s a must have. There is just not enough talent in the market to cover you. You’ve probably considered bringing in more SAP consultants from a service provider. Trouble is, everyone else is trying to do the same.

      Using Avantra is like adding more reliable members to your team - without the huge overhead. It’s like having more colleagues that don’t mind working late or over the weekend. SAP automation will de-stress you and your team - adding that peace of mind. In fact, there’s a whole raft of benefits our colleague Tyler Constable already described in How Do I Convince My Business to Deploy Avantra?



      What's the catch?

      How can you build a robust SAP automation strategy for your company?

      You have to bring your team on the journey. To avoid the pitfalls and gotchas of implementing SAP operations automation, you need your SAP Basis engineers. They have to stay in control. So, if someone promises you a black box that is supposed to do the work of your SAP Basis team, it’s definitely too good to be true.

      It’s your SAP Basis team that knows how to operate your SAP landscape in your particular environment. So, Avantra will ensure that your teams are part of the journey. They will understand how an SAP automation task is executed and what it might change under the hood. When you bring your team on the automation journey, they learn to trust the process. That’s safe automation. That’s why Basis Engineers love Avantra!

      Share our Basis Hub with your team


      Empower your SAP team

      At Avantra we strive for a world in which SAP teams are empowered, where they are automating repetitive tasks, ensuring business continuity and delivering best practice for you. This vision is the foundation of the AIOps platform we provide. It gives leaders and their teams back the precious time they need to nurture themselves and their minds - so they can perform their best every day.

      The secret of SAP operations for leaders on the go? Speak to us. We will show you how to stop firefighting. How to start by automating the very small tasks extremely well. Then, you have the foundation for every larger automation task. And that’s where things get really interesting. Given the complexity of your SAP ecosystem, empowered SAP teams have to be connected. At Avantra, we are committed to establishing a community that connects leaders and their teams around SAP automation.


      Welcome to life/life balance.

      “It’s unlikely that any other initiative will bring as many positive changes to your work life balance as automation will.”


      SAP operations

      for people on the go

      At Avantra, we value downtime. The kind that's actually good for business. With the efficiency of automation, our teams have the capacity for deep thinking, to look above the landscape - instead of being blinded by it. 

      When it comes to the benefits of automation for your IT operations teams, the best competitive edge is an AIOps platform. Deploying Avantra for monitoring and reporting your SAP systems’ health and performance is the key to being in control, on top of your game and able to get your head above water - no more sink or swim.

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