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      Case Study 

      SEW-EURODRIVE increases monitoring efficiency in SAP ERP and Smart Factory operation with Avantra


      German world leading manufacturer of drive and automation technology increases SAP monitoring efficiency.


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      Shorter process run times in assembly 
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Best practice automation
      Higher efficiency in IT service management
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Monitoring automation
      Reliable monitoring of ERP operations 
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Automate daily SAP operation tasks
      New data-driven services like predictive maintenance
      “Compared to other SAP monitoring providers, Avantra was particularly convincing due to a wide range of functions, ease of use, high flexibility, the software's fast ROI and first-class, helpful support."
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      Daniel Müller
      Head of IT Operations at SEW-EURODRIVE

      How automation helped with innovative assembly processes

      With the help of the Avantra platform, SEW-EURODRIVE has established predictive maintenance in its Industry 4.0 production lines. Predictive maintenance is based on different sensor data from engines and other machinery, such as power, temperature or revolutions. By analyzing this data, the company can quickly identify which components are getting tired and should be replaced - and therefore proactively prevent the costly failure of a machine.

      Plant Maintenance teams without in-depth IT knowledge can identify the source of an error and its dependencies, as well as distinguish events from automation and IT components. This reduces downtime and means that IT teams are only notified in the event of highly critical system alarms. Even with multiple team shifts in the factories, no IT team is needed to provide round-the-clock support. A simple on-call service does the job, minimizing team fatigue and saving SEW EURODRIVE time and cost.



      • Increased complexity due to Industry 4.0
      • Difficulty optimizing integration of IoT and ERP operations
      • Scaling the level of automation in IT service management



      • Significant increase in SAP monitoring efficiency 
      • Significant reduction of downtime 
      • Fast ROI
      • Minimization of team fatigue and time and cost savings



      Shortly, SEW-EURODRIVE will start to monitor SAP applications in the cloud with Avantra, including SAP S/4HANA and SAP CPI. Further integrations and processes, like financial accounting via SAP, are planned and will also be monitored using Avantra.

      Read the complete success story

      Find out how you can increase SAP Monitoring efficiency.
      With Avantra your enterprise will:
      • Significantly increase the efficiency of SAP Monitoring
      • Significantly reduce downtime 
      • Have a fast ROI
      • Minimize team fatigue and save time and cost
      Read the success story

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