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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Next generation AIOps

      Avantra pricing & packages

      The simplest way to automate SAP operations

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      Observability edition

      Complete monitoring and management of SAP landscapes including notifications, ServiceNow integration and automated security analysis. 

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      Automation edition

      Full stack automation of SAP operations activities with customizable workflows from Avantra including system refresh.

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      Enterprise edition

      The complete AIOps platform across observability and automation for intelligent landscape management across any premise.

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      Avantra Cloud edition for RISE with SAP

      Extendable observation and automation AIOps platform for customers who are on a pure RISE environment.
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      Observability Edition Automation Edition Enterprise Edition Avantra Cloud edition for RISE with SAP
      Avantra basic monitoring & management CMDB
      Yes but without OS level observations
      SAP Systems including SAP BusinessObjects
      SAP Databases and Stand Alone Databases
      Integration with Public Cloud
      API integration (inbound & outbound)
      ServiceNow integration
      Single Sign On (SAML/AD)
      Customizable Dashboards
      Service level management and reporting
      Light-weight Ticketing
      Solution Documents
      Avantra Automation Engine
      Automatically deployed system-specific Monitoring
      Automatic Change Detection
      End-to-End Monitoring
      No-code / low-code montioring extensions
      Business Services
      SAP HotNews and Security Note Analysis
      System Availability Monitoring
      Predictive Resource Planning
      Automation Templates
      System and Landscape Start/Stop Management
      SAP Kernel Upgrade
      Transport import
      SAP system refresh
      SAP Job Maintenance
      SAP Profile Maintenance
      SPAM/Plugins Patching
      SAP System Refresh
      BDLS Logical System Change
      Database backup/restore (HANA, Oracle, ASE)
      SAP Client Administration (SCC4)
      System Change Option - Global Setting Changes
      SAP User Maintenance (Create, Update, Delete, Lock/Unlock, Role Update)
      OS Patching
      SAP ABAP Certificate Maintenance (STRUST)

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