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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Next generation AIOps

      Avantra pricing & packages

      The simplest way to automate SAP operations

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      Foundation for monitoring and management of SAP landscapes

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      Integrated operations platform designed for extensible and complete SAP landscape management

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      AIOps platform for intelligent landscape management including accelerators for advanced SAP operations

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      Avantra Standard Avantra Professional Avantra Enterprise
      Monitoring & reporting
      Native monitoring (all types of systems)
      New checks for Solution Manager
      Automatic change detection
      End to end monitoring
      Custom checks
      Automatic Avantra onboarding
      Automatic creation of servers & SAP systems
      Quick onboarding of SAP systems: basic monitoring without credentials and transport
      Single transport for all SAP ABAP application servers
      SAP Notes inventory (implemented Notes)
      SAP Security Custom Checks
      RUN_JS ie. JavaScript based Custom Checks
      Business services and composite checks
      PostgreSQL Support
      MySQL Support
      ML time series prediction
      Content packs (Avantra add ins)
      SAP HotNews analysis
      Service level reporting
      Availability overview
      Predictive resource planning
      Active directory
      Cloud integration
      VMware integration
      Web services (SOAP API)
      ServiceNow output channel
      Script based output channel
      ServiceNow Service Graph CMDB integration
      SAP Support Backbone integration
      Automation engine
      Start/stop management
      SAP kernel upgrade
      SAP system refresh
      Solution documents
      Maintenance windows

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      Frequently asked questions

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      An introduction to the Avantra SUSE hardening Add in

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      Automatic creation of monitored objects in Avantra

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