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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Reinventing SAP monitoring and management

      Fresh, in-depth SAP industry content. Stay up-to-date with evolving industry trends & best practices. Follow Avantra's blog to stay in the know.

      The rise of hybrid - launching Avantra editions

      When we introduced Avantra Enterprise edition in 2021, we envisioned a world where we could interconnect enterprise observability, sophisticated workflows, and our advanced automation engine. By combining these three capabilities, we believed we could create a self-healing SAP environment which could identify problems and needs, route them to the right approver or expert, and automate problem resolution as well as complex project runbooks.

      Nearly two years later, our customers tell us that they have achieved impressive benefits.

      Agent and agentless: An ongoing battle

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      Avantra SAP security FAQ

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      SAP upgrade checklist: A step by step guide

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      AIOps as a time, quality and customer enabler

      Time is precious and not for sale. Or is it? UMB AG, a leading Swiss IT service and managed...

      Common SAP system performance issues and their solutions

      SAP is the leading provider of enterprise software in the world. Many global organizations depend...

      Building a NextGen managed service business with automation - part 3

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      Avantra discussion: How to grow an MSP business with AIOps - part 1

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