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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Reinventing SAP monitoring and management

      Fresh, in-depth SAP industry content. Stay up-to-date with evolving industry trends & best practices. Follow Avantra's blog to stay in the know.

      Why is SAP Security Monitoring important?

      SAP applications drive the most business-critical processes in companies around the globe. It will not surprise anyone that cybersecurity is of utmost importance to prevent SAP customers from vulnerabilities.

      Automatic creation of monitored objects in Avantra

      One of the main development themes for the Avantra 21.11 release was making life easier. This...

      Can your SAP operations keep up with business demands?

      SAP operations teams are increasingly required to support new initiatives within their...

      Log4j critical vulnerability advice for customers

      At Avantra, our customers trust us to keep their business operations based on SAP running...

      Avantra 21.11: Extend Avantra with critical checks and automations

      What makes the Avantra platform incredibly powerful for our customers is the ability to extend...

      Increase resilience: Respond to change with Avantra custom checks

      SAP’s products, technology and development are rapidly changing. Once focused on on premise...

      SAP HotNews analysis: What MSPs need to know

      SAP is one of the most business critical enterprise applications. As a result, keeping it secure...

      Automatically analyze SAP HotNews with Avantra Enterprise Edition

      We all know the importance of managing our SAP landscape to ensure our systems are stable,...

      Introducing Avantra 21.11 with a technical overview

      As product manager for Avantra, it gives me great pleasure to introduce some of the new features...