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      Case Study 

      Gordon Food Service employs Avantra for smooth financial processes with AIOps

      US food giant saves 330 hours per month with Avantra.

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      Business challenge: Delays in financial processes

      GFS is the largest family-operated broadline food distribution company in North America and, with a 120-year history, has a clear focus on servicing its customers’ needs. Unfortunately, a problem whereby invoices were getting stuck in its SAP Ariba system and not making it through to its S/4 system was causing issues. GFS was not getting notification of the 'failed' status of invoices, which meant invoices were not getting paid. 

      The invoices that were stuck between systems simply needed to be approved by a GFS business user but, GFS did not have sufficient visibility into Ariba, nor were they receiving any notifications that there was an error or that invoices were stuck or on-hold.  Per week, around 50 invoices were failing to move between systems, adding up to approximately 10-15 hours of manual work, which equates to around 330 hours per month or nearly $200k per year in people hours. 

      AIOps solution

      Avantra implemented its innovative AIOps solution to resolve the issues GFS was experiencing. The system is designed with over 160 built-in best practice checks but, as each business environment has unique needs, customized checks can be quickly and easily implemented to meet specific requirements. For GFS custom checks were implemented to monitor financial statuses with SAP Ariba, including checks for credits with negative amounts; purchase requisitions that had been composing for longer than a configurable period (two days), and invoices with ‘Approving’, ‘FailedPaying’, ‘FailedExternalPush’, ‘Reconciling’ or ‘Paying’ statuses. 

      Avantra Integration Monitoring API for Procurement was also implemented to enable the import and export of master and transaction data to and from the GFS ERP system and to check for events that were not successful or in progress. 

      Additional features within the Avantra system included APIs to fetch header or item data from invoices and purchase orders in the Ariba network and provide transactional monitoring to provide a high degree of visibility and traceability into GFS business processes and documents.

      Immediate resolution and return on investment 

      The project took only four weeks to complete, including documentation and full deployment. Straight away, Avantra’s AIOps resolved the challenges GFS was experiencing and provided almost immediate return on investment, lowering the cost of operations, and ensuring GFS could maintain its exceptional levels of service.

      On average, Avantra lowers the total cost of operations of SAP enterprises by 25% per month by automating Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) and technical operations.

      The solution implemented at GFS is applicable to many food & beverage businesses as well as organizations across other sectors such as consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail and manufacturing. Avantra can monitor not only the OS, database, applications, and servers but also business processes, security and even non-SAP-related third-party applications, making it a highly flexible and versatile solution. Whether real-time monitoring or period checking of systems is required, with millions of checks running on customers’ systems worldwide, Avantra has never received a monitoring request that it could not accommodate. 




      • Failures in financial processes leading to unpaid invoices
      • 50 invoices were failing to move between systems every week
      • Weekly additional manual work of 10-15 hours



      • 330 hours per month saved
      • $200k per year in man hours saved
      • 25% lower cost per month



      Whether real-time monitoring or period checking of systems is required, with millions of checks running on customers’ systems worldwide, Avantra has never received a monitoring request that it could not accommodate. 

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      • reduce failures in processes
      • decrease the amount of manual work needed 

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