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      Operational Transparency

      Complete real-time visibility into SAP landscape performance, structure, and health — across cloud, on-premise, SaaS, and hybrid systems.

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      SAP Operational Transparency

      Complete Visibility into all Your
      SAP Systems and Operations

      Complex SAP landscapes often lack operational transparency because of their many components, hampering efforts to optimize the use of these resources.

      Avantra’s easy-to-use control panel and automated business process monitoring, reporting, and notification escalations provide your team an accurate, up-to-date, and customized view so they can see, adjust, and optimize your SAP landscape and its operations.

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      Interactive Dashboard
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      Business Process Monitoring
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_80x80_Increase compliance and audibility
      Notification Escalations
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_80x80_Automate daily SAP operations tasks
      Automated Reporting

      Operational Transparency Examples

      Prevent Failures with Real-time Monitoring

      Avantra's real-time monitoring includes both native and custom checks and frees you from dependence on CCMS or any other SAP tool. If you can run SAP on the OS or database, Avantra can monitor it. Our solution is built to allow constant, automated monitoring, saving you at least 20 percent of the hours you'd typically spend on daily checks. We've even included native checks for technologies such as HANA and BOBJ. As a Silver SAP Partner and technology provider for SAP-centric business, Avantra provides monitoring, management, and automation for SAP products across your entire landscape.

      Discover SAP System Monitoring


      Interactive Dashboard

      Easy to build, easy to use—view and control your SAP landscape the way you want to.

      What if you could enable each team member to see exactly what they need from your SAP landscape to do their specific job? With Avantra, you can build as many different dashboards as you need, presenting each user the information they need without any special coding—your CIO, IT and Basis teams, individual users and customers of multi-tenant MSPs, and more.

      Take Control with SAP Landscape Operations Dashboards

      Multi-tenant production System overview resized

      Business Process Monitoring

      Ensure smooth, clear operation of business processes involving SAP components.

      Avantra provides visual representations of your business processes and monitors those processes to provide visibility into their inner workings. The result is a clearer cross-team understanding of how SAP and other component interfaces affect the success of business processes, allowing teams to quickly identify the source of a business affecting issue.

      Move Forward with SAP Business Process Automation

      Avantra's SAP Business Process Automation

      Notification Escalations

      Smarter notification escalations ensure the right person gets notified at the right time.

      Many SAP monitoring solutions tend to create hundreds of redundant and “side effect” alerts and send them to everyone at once. What if, instead, you could both reduce the number of alerts and ensure a notification goes only to the team members that need it, when they need it? Avantra not only compounds these excess notifications into a single smart alert, but allows you to define and execute an escalation path automatically. led This ensures the correct people get the correct notifications at the correct time, reducing the confusion as to who is responsible to act when an anomaly becomes an actual issue.

      Know Early with SAP Notification Escalation

      Compound Notification

      Automated Reporting

      Template-based customized reports are efficient, consistent, accurate—and automatic

      Reporting is a time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone manual process for most enterprises and MSPs. What if, instead, you could produce those reports automatically, with zero human interaction, no mistakes, and with nothing forgotten or left out? With Avantra’s automated reporting, you can create templates that generate reports on SLAs, compliance, performance, and more—automatically on a schedule you define or on-demand in just seconds.

      Increase Transparency with SAP Automated Reporting

      Service Level Reporting – Generate Dialog-1

      Greater Operational Transparency in Your SAP Landscape Allows You to Adapt More Quickly

      Get the info you need to decide if Avantra is right for your SAP landscape.

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      Increase SAP Automation, Operational Transparency, and Actionable Insights with a Single Solution

      Using Avantra we prevented 2 Major Failures in SAP Production Systems. We've also reduced server updates implemented to just 1 to 2 hours, post-processing of system copies reduced from 3 hours to 3 minutes and adding a new system to the monitoring process reduced from half a day to just 30 minutes
      Belz Koch - Migros
      Belz Koch
      Head of SAP services | Migros
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