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      Avantra Observability Edition

      Intelligent, real time monitoring and alerting on your SAP landscape

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      See what AIOps can do for you.  

      The more you know about what Is going on with your SAP operations, the better you will be able to optimize them, catch issues before they become problems and even tie them to automation to take action with zero human effort. The Avantra Observability Edition monitors your entire SAP environment constantly, recording billions of observations, and presenting them in smart, personalized dashboards. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning (ML) predictive analytics into a powerful AIOps solution that understands what is going on in your entire SAP landscape and gives you back untold hours you might have otherwise spent setting up, troubleshooting data gathering and reporting on your SAP operations.

      Is Avantra Observability right for you?

      What can Avantra Observability do for you?

      Real time monitoring

      Change detection

      Predictive analytics

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      Avantra Observability Edition features


      End to end monitoring

      See exactly what's in your SAP landscape at any moment.  Avantra Observability Edition accesses your OS,  databases and SAP applications providing continuous automated system monitoring, end to end. You decide what to monitor, when and within what thresholds. Prebuilt checks are auto deployed based on the architecture of the environment.  Run reports and transactions from various geographical locations to identify performance variations from different sites and locations. Graphical representations give you more control over business services. Composite checks enable better cross team collaboration. 

      Change detection 

      You get custom security, compliance, and auditing checks to monitor your SAP systems for unauthorized access attempts. It can then notify and escalate the event to the security team or, using a powerful workflow automation engine, automatically trigger a sequence of custom defined activities that you deem appropriate to contain the threat. Automatically protect your SAP systems from tampering or unauthorized access – keeping you on top of security issues and minimizing exposure to risk. Ensure your audit controls are in place with customized audit setting observability.

      Predictive analytics and machine learning

      Avantra Observability learning (ML) algorithms and time series functionality analyze historical operating data to spot trends and predict values of the future timeline. Knowledge of a future state can enable Avantra to delay or hold back issuing a false warning or critical notification, saving you the time you might otherwise waste troubleshooting.

      Automation assisted setup

      Avantra Observability detects the system state and begins basic monitoring instantly. It lets you monitor some aspects of an SAP system without system credentials or importing ABAP transports.  If SAP is already maintaining credentials and has imported transports, Avantra adapts the capabilities accordingly and gives you a checklist immediately. You get value from day one.  As the transports and credentials are added, deeper insights into the SAP environment are automatically configured and backfilled into notifications and dashboards.

      Smart onboarding

      A powerful Avantra agent detects new SAP systems and automatically adds the environments into the Avantra server. Command line arguments to the Avantra agent will autoregister both agent and server and set up hostname and IP addresses automatically, reducing onboarding complexity dramatically. Even junior team members can handle onboarding - freeing your team to focus on your strategic projects.

      Custom checks

      Every SAP landscape is unique, and so are its monitoring needs. In addition to the 160+ built in best practice checks performed out of the box, Avantra allows you to easily add custom end to end checks to address your organization’s most unique and specific monitoring requirements. 

      Dashboards on demand

      Create dashboards for as many environments as you need. Dashboards are 100% customizable and data can be grouped or singled out in any manner, giving you full control into the visibility of your environments. Convert a business process into a dashboard by mapping the underlying technical components of the dashboard. With a single click, scale down dashboard data for each team member, customer, or user. They can access them anywhere, from just a web browser.

      Service level reporting

      Build and generate detailed, customized reports automatically. Create templates for reports on SLAs, compliance, performance, audits, and more, and generate them automatically, either on a predefined schedule, on demand, or instantly. Spend less time reporting, and more time innovating.

      Cloud integration

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      A note on security

      Security is a growing concern for strategic applications and many Avantra Observability Edition features contribute to security with our encrypted and certificate driven agent communication methodology. Options for agentless operation give you more flexibility SAP HotNews Analysis - By observing your systems SAP software components, patch levels, kernel levels, database patch levels and more, Avantra can instantly identify which systems are impacted by which SAP HotNews and Security notes. There will be no need to spend hours and days every month parsing a long list of SAP notes, trying to correlate which is relevant to each of your systems.

      Avantra Enterprise Edition
      Avantra Cloud for Rise with SAP
      Avantra Automation

      Speak with one of our SAP experts today to find out how the Avantra Enterprise Edition can help support your business.

      Join the world’s most innovative companies that trust Avantra

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      Whitepaper: RISE with SAP

      This whitepaper, written by Avantra's Global Head of Solution Engineering, Tyler Constable, takes a look at how RISE with SAP contracts are written and how the automation and observability that comes with the Avantra platform frees up time for basis engineers to focus on greater value projects.

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      Built for SAP, by SAP Professionals

      Avantra was built and optimized for complex SAP landscapes by SAP engineers like yourself. It goes deeper into the stack and does not buy a different tool to achieve a specific function like SAP Start/Stop or Monitoring Automation.

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      Reduce Cost
      to Serve

      We strongly believe that IT Operations tools must reduce Cost to Serve. Avantra achieves this, in fact you can be up and running in hours. No projects, no consultants. It is so easy you can even deploy it on your own (but we are happy to help).

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      Automated To Your Landscape

      At Avantra we understand the struggle of managing SAP ecosystems and finding experienced people. Using industry best-practice gained over 20 years, Avantra lets you be proactive and solve problems before there is an issue.

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