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      Avantra Automation Edition

      Full stack automation to immediately accelerate efficiency

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      Take advantage of advanced workbook features now with Avantra Automation Edition  

      Until now, managing complex SAP environments has been a juggling act: a constant trade off between handling necessary maintenance tasks with issue resolution, new requests and longer term business initiatives. Pre built automations have been simple and limited. Custom built automations have been complex projects in themselves.

      Avantra Automation Edition is the world’s first full stack automation platform for SAP. From the simplest to the most elaborate custom automation, it makes managing your complex SAP environment fast and simple, creating efficiency and driving consistency. Free up your team to focus on longer term projects that drive significant business value, while ensuring even greater robustness and reliability of ongoing maintenance and support.

      Who should use Avantra Automation Edition?

      Benefits of Avantra Automation Edition

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      Increase the reliability and robustness of processes in your business environment through automation. Switch your engineers’ focus from mundane tasks to business initiatives that drive business impact - without sacrificing your SAP environment’s robustness and security.

      Focus on high value business initiatives
      Get the most value out of your engineers’ time and expertise. Stop asking them to constantly juggle lower value but time consuming routine maintenance and bug fixes that could be automated, with higher value strategic longer-term projects where their expertise adds significant value.

      Avantra Automation Edition eliminates the need for your engineers to get involved in manually performing simple maintenance routines, as well as more complex recurring tasks. Dedicate the hours they save every week to higher value initiatives and new projects that drive significant business impact.

      Drive consistency

      Human error means that even simple tasks will be performed incorrectly or inconsistently, to say nothing of more complex tasks and processes. Too often, the stability of your SAP environment relies on your engineers’ ability to exactly execute processes in an identical manner to each other, or delay them until the in-house expert is back from vacation. Neither scenario inspires great confidence.

      Avantra Automation Edition removes the risk of human inconsistency. Set automations and they’ll execute identically each and every time - consistently, reliably, and without any time off for vacation.

      Easily manage large SAP environments
      Even a single SAP system is not necessarily a simple SAP system; being spread across multiple servers introduces complexity right at the start. Factor in high availability and disaster recovery, add in hosting in multiple data centers, or in a hybrid environment spread across any or all of multiple public clouds, on premise and SaaS solutions - the technical architecture is incredibly complex. And that makes it equally as complex to manage

      Avantra Automation Edition takes a landscape wide approach to automation, encompassing tasks and processes across cloud and on premise environments. 

      Improve testing data
      Testing fixes and new releases in an environment with outdated data can cause problems - but on average, data in software test environments is only refreshed 2-4 times a year. With data refresh cycles potentially taking days to weeks to execute, it’s challenging to dedicated the resource to running them more frequently, leaving you operating with outdated data.

      Avantra Automation Edition improves test data by automating the data refresh process to suit your business needs. Effortlessly create an up to date copy of the production environment. Ensure testing will be faster and more robust, leading to quicker, better-quality changes and enhancements  in your SAP environment.

      Reduce your cloud spend by 29% or more
      If you’re relying on access to cloud systems on a pay-as-you-go basis, you’re paying for time you’re not using them, driving up your overall cloud spend unnecessarily. Find significant cost savings by automating the shutdown process for cloud systems outside business hours with Avantra Automation Edition.

      For example, automating a shutdown process for both your development and test servers on weekends and public holidays could reduce your cloud costs by 29% or more.

      Reduce security vulnerabilities
      Cybersecurity threats are on the rise. In 2022 SAP issued a total of 211 critical Security Notes - that’s just over 4 per week, and an increase of 14% compared to 2021. And with potential for security vulnerabilities across the full stack of SAP, from OS to DB and application layer, identifying and patching them is time-critical.

      Avantra Automation Edition significantly reduces your exposure by automating the vulnerability analysis. Don’t rely on your engineers manually checking Security Notes and cross-referencing vulnerabilities in your complex environment. Rely on automation to spot every vulnerability released by SAP and initiate various patch cycles based on the vulnerability released - even in large environments spread across multiple datacenters or in hybrid environments spanning multiple public clouds, on premise and SaaS.

      Key features of Avantra Automation Edition

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      In addition to our open APIs, Avantra Automation Edition integrates with a number of leading software platforms, including:
      • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
      • Google Cloud
      • Microsoft Azure
      • SAP Business Technology platform (BTP), including Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) ServiceNow, including Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Event Management

      Speak with one of our SAP experts today to find out how the Avantra Automation Edition can help support your business.

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      Whitepaper: RISE with SAP

      This whitepaper, written by Avantra's Global Head of Solution Engineering, Tyler Constable, takes a look at how RISE with SAP contracts are written and how the automation and observability that comes with the Avantra platform frees up time for basis engineers to focus on greater value projects.

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      Built for SAP, by SAP Professionals

      Avantra was built and optimized for complex SAP landscapes by SAP engineers like yourself. It goes deeper into the stack and does not buy a different tool to achieve a specific function like SAP Start/Stop or Monitoring Automation.

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      Reduce Cost
      to Serve

      We strongly believe that IT Operations tools must reduce Cost to Serve. Avantra achieves this, in fact you can be up and running in hours. No projects, no consultants. It is so easy you can even deploy it on your own (but we are happy to help).

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      Automated To Your Landscape

      At Avantra we understand the struggle of managing SAP ecosystems and finding experienced people. Using industry best-practice gained over 20 years, Avantra lets you be proactive and solve problems before there is an issue.

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