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      Grow your automation natives. Give them time to build.

      Avantra 23 and the rise
      of the automation



      Avantra 23 delivers service quality that has never been seen before in SAP operations

      Imagine the time you’d save if you put the execution of complex system operations tasks into the hands of business owners. With the rise of hybrid architecture in enterprise landscapes there is added complexity for SAP operations, making the need to save time ever more important.

      The new Avantra 23 platform release gives your business something that nothing else can... exceptional service speed and quality of SAP operations.

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      The automators’ intelligent ops platform

      Avantra 23 is the latest platform release that allows you to deliver the next generation experience for SAP operations (for your business and the talent you need to hold onto):

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      Provide exceptional service quality to your business

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      Greatly improved stability of your SAP systems


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      Endless ability to automate!

      Avantra 23 immediately provides your automation natives with a platform that creates time for them to build.

      Propelling your business and your hyperautomation journey 5 years into the future!

      Remove time sapping inefficient processes from ERP operations, forever

      With Avantra 23, you empower business owners to self serve without losing control, quality or security. Confidently put the decision for complex tasks, such as a system refresh, directly into the hands of the functional owner that requests it. So, services can be made available in ServiceNow and the execution happens in Avantra.

      The migration to HANA was easier thanks to Avantra. We’ve used Avantra to monitor our landscape before, during and after the migration, to ensure we received the expected performance enhancements by migrating to HANA. Our landscape is very complex, we can’t even imagine managing and monitoring it without Avantra. No other tool in the market can give us the same results.
      Rochus Tresch, Head of SAP development
      I had one employee spending at least 10 hours every week just maintaining the SAP Solution Manager. Now we don’t have to do it at all. We’re very happy with Avantra.
      Alon Senderovitz
      CISO, Strauss Group
      The same effort that took us months with the other systems. Within that week, we had no false positives, it was all very stable. It just worked beautifully.
      Yohai Rosenbaum
      Infrastructure and Information Security Division Manager, Paz Oil
      Compared to other SAP monitoring providers, Avantra was particularly convincing due to a wide range of functions, ease of use, high flexibility, the software's fast ROI and first-class, helpful support.
      Daniel Müller
      Head of IT Operations, SEW-EURODRIVE
      The efforts of implementing and operating Avantra were only a small fraction compared to the competing product, so we made an unambiguous decision for Avantra
      Olaf Eichkorn
      Leader of SAP Basis Team, Zurich IT Services Department


      Not only do your people thrive, so does your business 

      Avantra 23 key business benefits for enterprises that rely on SAP: 

      • Improves the quality of your SAP operations
      • Provides control over your SAP environment - in any premise 
      • Brings real time SAP HotNews security analysis.

      sap operations

      True automation natives strive for reusability. With Avantra 23, the operations professionals within your organization define an automation in Avantra just once. Then, keep using it across existing and new scenarios. Even when a change or tweak is required, alter it in one place, and it updates everywhere that automation is used. Finally, a centralizing platform for SAP operations automations!


      Avantra 23 - the automation native release - gives reusable centralized components of automata that can be maintained independently from the automations themselves.

      Avantra is the AIOps platform for SAP, delivering: 

      • Time savings across the business
      • A consistency builder that avoids human error
      • A quality assurer with out of the box best practice
      • One single point of truth - significantly reducing downtime

      Avantra integration partners:

      • ServiceNow
      • PagerDuty
      • Red Hat Ansible


      Enterprise brands that enjoy the force multiplier of Avantra 23:

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      Remove time sapping inefficient processes from ERP operations, forever

      Say goodbye to sleepless nights. Say hello to Avantra next generation AIOps platform for SAP software

      Watch the Avantra, AWS, & Red Hat webinar series


      Make resilience a strategic advantage

      In this 5-part series, Avantra brings you experts from AWS and Red Hat to unlock the innovation frameworks you need to build relentless reliability for your organization. Learn how automation in SAP operations needs a special approach that leans on domain-specific solutions. Brought to you by Avantra, AWS and Red Hat.

      Watch the 5-part Relentless Reliability series

      Episode 1

      Watch replay

      To cloud or not to cloud...is that the right question?

      Episode 2

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      Trust, security, reliability, in and out of the cloud.

      Episode 3

      Watch replay

      There is no future without automation

      Episode 4 

      Watch replay

      Integrate and automate to innovate.

      Episode 5

      Watch replay

      The resilient enterprise: recovery and beyond.

      Join the world’s most innovative companies that trust Avantra

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      Built for SAP, by SAP Professionals

      Avantra was built and optimized for complex SAP landscapes by SAP engineers like yourself. It goes deeper into the stack and does not buy a different tool to achieve a specific function like SAP Start/Stop or Monitoring Automation.

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      Reduce Cost
      to Serve

      We strongly believe that IT Operations tools must reduce Cost to Serve. Avantra achieves this, in fact you can be up and running in hours. No projects, no consultants. It is so easy you can even deploy it on your own (but we are happy to help).

      Learn more


      Automated To Your Landscape

      At Avantra we understand the struggle of managing SAP ecosystems and finding experienced people. Using industry best-practice gained over 20 years, Avantra lets you be proactive and solve problems before there is an issue.

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