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      Case Study 

      Coop Group achieves
      centralized monitoring and
      simplified HANA migrations


      Reduced downtime and prevented failures with Avantra


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      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_80x80_Actionable insights
      Reduced downtime — even prevented failures in advance
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_80x80_Bug bounty
      Transaction documentation and system alerts
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_80x80_Automated inventory management
      Simple customization for all business and reporting needs
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Reduce the cost of SAP operations
      Higher resource efficiency and cost effectiveness
      “The migration to HANA was easier thanks to Avantra. We’ve used Avantra to monitor our landscape before, during and after the migration, to ensure we received the expected performance enhancements by migrating to HANA” “Our landscape is very complex, we can’t even imagine managing and monitoring it without Avantra. No other tool in the market can give us the same results”
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      Rochus Tresch
      Head of SAP development

      An SAP monitoring solution that can reduce migration workload

      The Coop Group was one of the first adopters of HANA, and needed to undertake a major migration. Avantra allows users to compare server and profile parameters, a task that’s even more important when you’re migrating or upgrading a full SAP landscape. The same functionality helps change management teams enforce policies and receive proper tracking of unauthorized changes, keeping the company compliant as well as agile. Says Rochus Tresch. “The migration to HANA was easier thanks to Avantra.

      We’ve used Avantra to monitor our landscape before, during and after the migration. We have quite a lot of custom checks that monitor our complex SAP landscape. Using Avantra, it was easy to monitor the same indicators on systems running on HANA,” says Tresch. “While we stress test the system before HANA migration, Avantra gives us useful insights into the source and target systems during the HANA migration, even during the SAP downtime phase.”

      Experience with Avantra

      From the outset, Avantra proved to be the best monitoring choice for Coop Group, notably because of the solution’s reliability. The Coop Group uses Avantra to monitor all servers, SAP systems and instances, as well as the non-productive systems (as the number is quite high compared to the number of administrators: 83 systems on 126 servers). 

      Roughly 30 different, custom checks (on top of the native, out-of-the-box checks) allow Coop Group Basis admins to see, for example, if agents and enterprise managers are active. They also enable alarms and escalation for dedicated checks, so the right people always know if there is an issue and can set to work remediating. Daily checks mean time-saving monitoring logs. With Avantra, the Coop Group admins can better identify problems, react more quickly to those problems and maintain a proper notification history. They can also implement a new system in minutes.



      • Need for central monitoring in a heterogenous SAP landscape
      • Adding and config. new SAP systems is a complex,
        lengthy process
      • Unstable, inconsistent monitoring solution


      • Transaction documentation and system alerts 
      • Reduced downtime — even prevented failures in advance 
      • Higher resource efficiency
      • Simple customization to meet all business and reporting needs 
      • Monitoring over 120 HANA systems



      Where the Group looked for a Basis Admin tool, it found a lean product as an additional bonus. Avantra worked immediately, without problems. Because SAP admins and Basis engineers created Avantra for people just like them, the product is simple to use and provides the features engineers need in order to perform their daily tasks better and more efficiently. Quick bug resolution, consistently improving functionality, and added ease during audit time continue to make Avantra the right choice for this massive environment. 

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      Reduce downtime and prevent failures
      With Avantra your enterprise will:
      • reduce downtime and prevent failures in advance
      • achieve higher resource efficiency
      • implement a new system in minutes
      Read the success story

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