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    SAP security

    How to Prevent SAP Security Vulnerabilities

    SAP creates some of the world’s most popular products for managing information, with more than...

    SAP MII Security Vulnerability - Attackers can Inject Malicious Code to Server

    This month, SAP has released note 3022622, ‘Code Injection Vulnerability in SAP Manufacturing...

    How We Safeguard Development and Delivery of Avantra

    With the number of supply chain attacks across the software industry increasing and gaining...

    SAP System Vulnerability: Attackers Can Perform Critical Actions

    SAP has just announced a security vulnerability that gives an attacker a way to potentially...

    How you can mitigate the risks imposed by 10KBLAZE and other SAP threats

    Roughly 90% out of an estimated total of 1,000,000 SAP production systems could currently be at...

    50,000 companies exposed to SAP systems hacks - what can you do?

    In the last 20 years, the software ecosystem has invested billions of dollars increasing...

    New ways to protect your SAP system security

    We’ve all seen the way too familiar news reports:

    A massive data breach has occurred. Millions...