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    Full-Stack Automation

    Automate best-practice SAP operations management across your entire landscape

    Full-Stack Automation:
    Bringing Agility to SAP Systems Management

    Your SAP Operations team is a valuable resource, but studies show Basis teams spend more than 50% of their time on repetitive tasks that can be automated.

    Not anymore. Avantra frees up IT operation resources by  automating best-practice SAP performance management and enforcing compliance across the entire SAP stack.

    Monitoring Automation

    Real-time SAP monitoring—consistently and automatically applied.

    No need to waste valuable time and resources manually configuring and executing daily SAP system checks. Once installed, Avantra automatically identifies the various SAP system elements, regardless of version or type, then tailors monitoring alerts to the exact operating system (OS), database, and SAP components of each of your systems. In addition to hundreds of automated checks right out-of-the-box, Avantra lets you easily create customized checks to fit your KPI and needs and automatically deploy them with smart notifications and escalation rules.

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    Cloud Automation

    All the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, now available for SAP systems.

    SAP software wasn’t designed to run in a dynamic cloud environment. With Avantra, it can. By monitoring and reacting to your SAP system’s performance metrics, Avantra can dynamically allocate and deallocate cloud resources as needed. This automation allows for optimal performance, yet ensures you won’t overpay for unneeded cloud capacity, simplifying your cloud deployments and streamlining cloud management.

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    Cloud Automation for SAP  Systems with Avantra

    Full-Stack Automation

    Get up and running fast, without sacrificing advanced control or best practices.

    Just because it touches SAP doesn’t mean it has to involve a long timeline, a crew of consultants, and a hefty price tag. Requiring less than a day, our rapid, automated installation is so straightforward most customers can independently execute it. (Of course, we’re happy to help if you need it.) No long configurations and deployment cycles, Avantra’s auto-discovery automatically identifies all system components and applies best practice SAP management with best-practice thresholds as defaults. And—your team will love this—Avantra allows you to stop and start systems whenever needed, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud.

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    Full-stack automation with Avantra

    System Hardening

    Automatically protect SAP systems from accidental (or intentional) tampering.

    With Avantra’s system hardening, your systems stay locked down, preventing unauthorized persons from mistakenly (or maliciously) changing them without the proper permission. Real-time alerts notify the proper channels and automated alert escalations ensure the prompt investigation of any abnormal access attempts. Avantra also offers comprehensive point-in-time reporting for audit compliance.

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    Audit and Compliance – Custom Check Types in Avantra

    Best Practice Automation

    Best Practice Automation
    Apply our 20+ years’ expertise in SAP best practices, automatically.

    Avantra’s auto-discovery identifies all of your system elements and assigns the relevant industry best practices, tailoring monitoring alerts to the exact OS, DB, and SAP components of your system. Over 20 years, we’ve developed a library of best-practice automation that allows you to apply consistently and automatically best practice monitors across all of your SAP systems. And there’s no need to change or update anything on your system to add this monitoring: Avantra adapts to your specific release and patch level.

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    DevOps Automation – Job Details Running in Avantra

    Automation Can Change Your SAP World

    Get the info you need to decide if Avantra is right for your SAP landscape.

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    Increase SAP Automation, Operational Transparency, and Actionable Insights with a Single Solution

    What sets Avantra apart from other SAP monitoring vendors is the intuitive usability, the high degree of flexibility, the software's rapid ROI, and its unmatched and extremely helpful support. Avantra enabled us to boost the efficiency of our IT service management processes and prevent downtime of revenue-critical processes in our smart factories.
    Daniel Muller
    Head of IT Data Center Services
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