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24 x 7 x 365

You need to keep your shop floor running at all times, ship product, distribute, and bill. We see end-to-end systems and business processes down to the lowest level of detail, to ensure everything keeps running smoothly and reduce maintenance costs. With software like SAP ERP and S/4HANA you are enabling an end-end integrated business process. You need to run 24/7 without downtime and this is where Avantra can make a difference.


We know every second counts.

Manufacturing experts trust their systems to ensure zero production downtime by:

  1. Identifying faults before they grind your production line to a costly halt

  2. Planning production changes swiftly when your supply needs to switchover to the latest in-demand product line

Avantra protects your success by ensuring your SAP systems keep the shop floor running.


With Avantra You Can:

  • Link together the key technical systems that underpin your production lines to gain end to end visibility
  • Identify the line impact of technical issues quickly and get to a solution faster
  • Give at-a-glance status visibility to your shop-floor managers
  • Monitor full-stack SAP including MII and complex integrations
  • Enforce security policies and best practices
  • Integrate with ITOM/ITSM systems so issues are responded to before production stops


Intelligent Manufacturing Automation

Avantra’s intelligent monitoring automation platform identifies the highest priority issues which will impact your business and integrates with IT Service Management (ITSM) platforms to ensure they are prioritized and escalated correctly.


So breathe easy - Avantra is always on

End-to-end visibility with integrated SAP landscapes are diverse and incredibly complex - from legacy applications like SAP R/3, to the latest SAP S4/HANA, connected Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), non-SAP systems, interfaces, analytics and cloud applications. Avantra has you covered, end-to-end. More than best practice - You know what Manufacturing best practice looks like, and Avantra brings you a whole new dimension out of the box. Real-time business policies are applied, infractions are caught and audited, and automata ensure your system continues to run smoothly.

SEW Eurodrive

Leading Manufacturers Trust Avantra

"Avantra enabled us to boost the efficiency of our IT service management processes and prevent downtime of revenue-critical processes in our smart factories." - Daniel Mueller, Head of IT Data Center Services

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In a recent study by Avantra and ASUG, we found that 59% of customers running SAP find that landscape integration is their largest driver of complexity and issues. Download the full white paper today to see how automation and AIOps can help you ship product on time, every time.








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