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  • Full-Stack Automation

  • Actionable Insights

  • Operational Transparency

SAP Landscape Operations Automation. Simplified.

Avantra is the industry leading AIOps platform for SAP Operations: helping companies transform into a self-healing enterprise.

Avantra helps SAP customers to improve business experience, performance and compliance, focus valuable resources on digital transformation and reduce operational cost. Avantra delivers a unified AIOps platform, whether on-premises, in the cloud, SaaS or hybrid, for both Build and Run operations.

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Full-Stack Automation

Avantra’s full-stack automation platform allows businesses to dramatically reduce manual effort as well as resources by automating repetitive activities like monitoring, reporting, audit, security, and updates.

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Actionable Insights

Avantra’s deep insight engine integrates with our built-in notifications and our connections to external ITOM management platforms to provide insights to the right people at the right time.

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Operational Transparency

We provide transparency of security, audit, issues and updates via notifications, dashboards and SLA reports.

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