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      2 min read

      Stay secure: Enhanced SAP HotNews integration in Avantra 21.11.4

      avantra hotnews integration

      Securing your SAP environments is critical to the operational success of your business. And SAP does a great job of trying to stay ahead of any vulnerabilities in their solutions by offering HotNews. As critical vulnerabilities are discovered, SAP weights their critical quality, declaring a level of severity and attributing a score - 10 being the most critical - along with a description and resolution of the patch.

      Even with this wealth of information, it can be confusing and time consuming to find out which SAP HotNews is relevant to your systems. This is largely because SAP systems are complex, ebbing and flowing with different patch levels and upgrades. Rarely do they sit in a ‘frozen state' without any changes, if ever. This makes it very difficult to parse through SAP HotNews, cross reference your environments and constantly stay ahead of the most recent and necessary patches.

      Let Avantra find which SAP HotNews requires action

      For years, Avantra has been managing your SAP system patch levels, kernel levels, architecture and more. Now, by tying in the SAP support backbone, Avantra automatically deciphers the relevant system software components, cross references this against your unique SAP environments and immediately lets you know which systems the HotNews applies to. This new functionality is available now in Avantra version 21.11.4.

      Watch this session on SAP HotNews and CVE kernel patch.

      Get SAP HotNews alerts the way you want them

      You decide how you want to be notified

      Before the release of the Avantra SAP HotNews analysis tool, managing these alerts was a manual process. For organizations running large SAP ecosystems, this can be a massive feat without any AI to aid in the discovery of affected systems.

      With the latest HotNews capabilities from Avantra, you log in and with one click, know if any of your systems need emergency patching.

      Whether you're at a live sporting event, boating on a lake or taking a flight to your favorite vacation destination, the Avantra mobile app alerts you to the systems that need action. Review these in real time dashboards, via a PDF report or a  text notification; or utilize the pre built Slack or ServiceNow integrations for easy management.

      Give your team back valuable time whilst providing them with the confidence that all relevant systems have been patched and remain secure. 

      Learn more about Avantra 21.11.4, including the SAP HotNews analysis tool and other enhancements.

      Learn more about Avantra 21.11.4.