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Technical consultation and sales

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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Tyler Constable

      Tyler is a senior SAP professional with nearly 15 years of experience managing, deploying and monitoring SAP systems. He is leading Avantra's sales engineering and is working with SAP Basis teams in enterprises and managed service providers all over the world.

      3 themes from Sapphire 2023

      SAPPHIRE 2023 marked another significant milestone, leaving a lasting impression in the books. Returning to the Orlando Convention Center, the event had that ‘SAP energy’ we’re used to as thousands of like minded individuals congregated to exchange experiences, delve into SAP's upcoming plans, and foster valuable connections. Going beyond the walls of the convention center, SAPPHIRE extended its reach into the surrounding areas of Orlando. This year's SAPPHIRE stood out with its unique blend of new announcements and a renewed emphasis on reinforcing SAP's past decisions, evoking a sense of excitement among attendees.

      Agent and agentless: An ongoing battle

      Observability of an SAP environment is critical. Whether you have a large complex and hybrid...

      What is an SAP automation platform? The Pinewood Derby story

      My son, currently nine years old, is an active Cub Scout and we’re coming up on one of the most...

      What skydiving taught me about automation

      Back in the day, before I was a father, before I was a husband, back when I was more of an...

      What a near motorcycle accident taught me about ServiceNow’s CMDB

      Back in my mid to late 20s, my most prized possession was my Yamaha R1 motorcycle. Living and...

      SAP HotNews automation and security

      “How do we keep our data secure?” is the question nearly every organization is asking these days....

      It’s all about the preparation - Automated preparation!

      Recently I joined a team to run a ‘Ragnar’. A ‘Ragnar’ is a running race where you and an...

      “Hey Avantra, refresh my QA systems”

      I remember just about three years ago sitting in a companywide meeting in a conference room at the...

      Stay secure: Enhanced SAP HotNews integration in Avantra 21.11.4

      Securing your SAP environments is critical to the operational success of your business. And SAP...