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    Natalia Stashkevych

    Advantages of going to the cloud with Avantra

    The cloud is changing the way businesses operate. We at Avantra thought now is the time to explore the great benefits of going to the cloud and why now is the time to consider doing so. To learn more about cloud integration options, see our official documentation.

    Discovery and automation in application monitoring

    Automation continues to grow across all industries, and SAP automation is no exception. Of...

    What’s New in Avantra Version 20.11.6

    Welcome to the Avantra 20.11.6 release notes! Below, you’ll find the latest and greatest product...

    The way forward: Avantra and ServiceNow integration to enhance your SAP landscape

    If you are looking to streamline and facilitate your company’s data flow and performance, focus...

    Ready-to-Use SAP Kernel Upgrade Automation

    In this blog post, we are pleased to announce our brand new Automated Kernel Upgrade solution,...

    SAP Automation Platform: Pre-Install Guide for Basis Administrators

    “Everything you do as a system administrator should serve a single purpose: to secure and...