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    3 min read

    What’s New in Avantra Version 20.11.6

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    Welcome to the Avantra 20.11.6 release notes! Below, you’ll find the latest and greatest product improvements we’re bringing to you with our most recent software version.

    Download the latest version of Avantra here

    ServiceNow Service Graph Connector for Avantra

    Starting off for Avantra 20.11.6, we will be offering integration with ServiceNow Service Graph Connector in addition to our existing CMDB integration. This will allow customers to automatically sync detailed SAP configuration and change data with ServiceNow’s CMDB.  Having a single source of truth across all IT Operations can accelerate root cause analysis, better management of changes and releases, as well as enforcement of security policies. This single data model is a core principle and enabling capability for the ServiceNow platform

    For more information about the Service Graph Connector, visit our documentation website and be sure to watch this video.

    Avantra Mobile Application

    We are excited to announce an upgrade to our Avantra Mobile App! In our latest release, we are introducing a number of UX-related updates and enhancements. Now, for example, it will be possible to delete all Avantra notifications with just one single click. (The new version of the application will be published on the app store soon)

    If you do not have the app yet and want to get immediate access to your Avantra installation, simply download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it in a few easy steps. Please note that the app will need to connect to your Avantra master server either via a VPN or using a reverse proxy. More information can be found in this article.

    PostgreSQL Integration Now Available As A Technical Preview

    With Avantra 20.11.6, we are introducing open source database support for the MySQL and PostgreSQL database types, which is currently available as a preview feature. This integration will soon be supported by Avantra to ensure the ongoing health and performance of your PostgreSQL deployment. More updates and full functionality of the feature are forthcoming in the next releases!

    More improvements coming with this release 

    Overall, our team managed to complete 59 product fixes for Avantra Release 20.11.6. Most of the changes are related to the new version of the Avantra app. We have also made several improvements to the notification process and performance in the database by removing unused indexes.

    Download the latest version of Avantra here

    A complete list of changes can be found in the release notes on our documentation website.

    At Avantra, we are delighted when our customers tell us about their experiences. Let us know what you are looking for in Avantra by emailing us at support@avantra.com or speak to your customer success manager.