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      3 min read

      The way forward: Avantra and ServiceNow integration to enhance your SAP landscape

      avantra and servicenow integration

      If you are looking to streamline and facilitate your company’s data flow and performance, focus valuable resources on digital transformation, and lower operational cost, adding Avantra and ServiceNow bi-directional integration could be the answer.


      Avantra can help ServiceNow and SAP customers to improve their business experience in a number of ways. The integration with ServiceNow will allow automatic forwarding of Avantra notifications to a ServiceNow instance to create incidents in there filled with detailed SAP performance and landscape data, send event records directly to ServiceNow, synchronize between ServiceNow CMDB and Avantra to ensure monitoring of all SAP objects, sync information discovered by Avantra with ServiceNow, and much more.


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      Boost ServiceNow capabilities across your SAP landscape

      Address the entire technology stack:

      With the release of our certified Service Graph connector for SAP landscapes, you can automatically synchronize detailed SAP configuration and modify data with ServiceNow’s CMDB. Having a single source of truth across all IT Operations accelerates root cause analysis, better management of changes and releases, and enforcement of security policies. This unified data model is a core principle and enabling capability for the ServiceNow platform.

      Get insights into SAP performance:

      Get complete visibility of the health and performance of your SAP. Through this integration, Avantra can significantly enrich ServiceNow CMDB with key SAP details, including asset data, dependency mapping, and tracking of any configuration changes.


      ServiceNow can be configured to route issues such as service incidents, performance bottlenecks, outdated fixes, back to Avantra for further remediation. The integration allows you to scale SAP components based on performance criteria, partially or fully automate remediation of issues, as well as ensure that each SAP component is at the proper patch level.

      Analyze and prevent:

      Identify the root cause of an incident, detect problems and prevent SAP performance, health, and compliance issues. The Avantra AIOps platform allows you to integrate detailed SAP monitoring data into ServiceNow Event Management datasets.


      Combined with the management and control of the ServiceNow platform, Avantra enables enterprises to automatically scale, repair, and patch complex and hybrid SAP landscapes based on their business needs, budget, system performance, and available maintenance windows.



      Setting up the integration

      The two-way integration can be set up in minutes by following these simple steps:

      1. Install free Avantra’s ServiceNow connector from the ServiceNow Marketplace

      2. Authorize Avantra with ServiceNow by creating a dedicated user in your ServiceNow instance and adding ServiceNow authentication in the Avantra UI

      3. Synchronize servers from ServiceNow to Avantra

      Start using ServiceNow capabilities in your SAP environment

      Integration details

      Take a closer look at the integration and learn how to get started today:


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