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      4 min read

      Ready to use SAP Kernel upgrade automation

      sap kernel upgrades

      In this blog post, we are pleased to announce our brand new Automated Kernel Upgrade solution, which is already available upon request through your CSM or Sales Representative. 

      What Is The SAP Kernel?

      The SAP Kernel is a set of core programs that provides the basic functionality required by all SAP applications. It includes the operating system, database, and application server. The SAP Kernel is the foundation upon which all SAP applications are built.


      Why you need ready to use SAP Kernel
      upgrade automation

      Most SAP consultants agree that maintaining SAP products can be very time consuming. SAP Kernel upgrades are no exception here, as it requires a great deal of manual effort (and time!). SAP specialists are forced to perform many tedious actions, such as connecting to the server, stopping and restarting the SAP system, downloading files, placing the necessary packages in specific folders using specific archiving programs, verifying that no users are connected to the system, no jobs are running, and no other activities are being performed, making sure that all permissions are set correctly, etc.

      The solution to this problem is automation powered by Avantra’s automation platform. More and more companies are starting to take notice of this opportunity and using it to save time and money. Below, we will take a closer look at the new Automated Kernel Upgrade solution from Avantra and its benefits for SAP landscape management.


      Learn more about Avantra and automated SAP Kernel upgrades >>


      What is the SAP Kernel, and why are kernel updates important?

      The SAP Kernel is often called the “heart” of any SAP system, and its executable files are necessary for its successful operation. Using the latest stable kernel is vital to keep your system running smoothly.

      In simple terms, the SAP Kernel is the central program that acts as the interface between an SAP application and an operating system. The kernel consists of executable programs that help start SAP, initialize memory, create buffers, begin managing user requests, as well as efficiently use hardware resources. It is also responsible for starting and stopping all application services like dispatcher, message server, collector, etc.

      If SAP specialists for some reason fail to update the kernel correctly, SAP may not start and they will have to start over. There are also other serious side effects of improperly upgrading the SAP Kernel, however, they will depend on its current version.

      Check out the SAP Basis Hub today >> 



      Avantra’s automation for SAP Kernel updates

      Our new Automated Kernel Upgrade feature is now officially available as a tech preview upon request for Avantra PRO users. With this automation option, Avantra automatically performs all checks and actions. You only need to download and select the package to be applied (full kernel packages and/or specific components), as well as specify the date and time for your system update.


      Some of the key features of Avantra’s Automated Kernel upgrade include:

      ✔ Avantra automates the SAP standard procedure based on SAPCPE.

      ✔ Automated Kernel upgrade supports kernel updates on both Unix and Windows operating systems.

      ✔ Packages can include full kernel packages and/or specific components only, i.e. disp+work, tp.

      ✔ Automatic processing of kernel package metadata ensures the right package is applied to systems.

      ✔ In case of failure, rollback and automated cleanup are supported.

      ✔ Schedule at your convenience: check prerequisites during the daytime, automatically complete the downtime phase during the nighttime.


      Performing SAP Kernel upgrade with Avantra

      Before starting the automated kernel upgrade with Avantra, you will need to create an upgrade bundle and configure the update process. These are two independent procedures that can be performed separately. The detailed workflow consisting of a few simple steps can be found here.

      After creating the upgrade bundle and configuring the update process, you can proceed to the upgrade itself and follow its progress directly in the Avantra User Interface.


      Kernel updates are essential when it comes to keeping your SAP systems running smoothly. Fortunately, many of the tedious steps involved in such updates can be eliminated with the automated kernel upgrade solution from Avantra. We hope that you have found this information insightful and that you have many years of successful SAP landscape management ahead of you.

      If you would like to learn more about our new solution and take your SAP management to the next level, feel free to contact us at support@avantra.com or speak to your customer success manager.