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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Setting the right SAP SLA to ensure business continuity

      SAP is critical to your business success, you can’t afford downtime. Does your service level...

      Syslink Xandria's blog has been selected to the top 60 SAP blogs

      Syslink Xandria blog is now among the World's TOP 60 SAP blogs - according toFeedspot.

      The Best...

      Syslink Xandria (now Avantra) named the best vendor for SAP landscapes in a next-generation APM market research

      The all encompassing SAP technical and business process solution enables it to provide performance...

      SAP Business services management - focus on the right issues

      In a 1954 speech to the Second Assembly of the World Council of Churches, former U.S. President...

      Managecore selects Syslink to increase real-time SAP monitoring visibility

      Using Syslink Xandria, Managecore can prevent SAP performance issues before they spiral

      Unlock SAP Predictive Analytics to Prevent System Failures

       We are all familiar with predictive models for weather forecasting. So why can’t we do the same...

      Everything you wanted to know about SAP performance dashboards

      Getting a complete visibility of your SAP landscape is not a simple task, is it?Even more so,...

      New ways to protect your SAP system security

      We’ve all seen the way too familiar news reports:

      A massive data breach has occurred. Millions of...