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      4 min read

      Syslink Xandria's blog has been selected to the top 60 SAP blogs


      Syslink Xandria blog is now among the World's TOP 60 SAP blogs - according to Feedspot.

      The Best SAP blogs were chosen from thousands of top SAP blogs in FeedSpot's index using search and social metrics. Data is refreshed once a week.

      These blogs are ranked based on following criteria 

      • Google reputation and Google search ranking
      • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
      • Quality and consistency of posts.
      • Feedspot's editorial team and expert review

      This is the most comprehensive list of best SAP blogs on the internet and Syslink Xandria is honored to be considered one of the best of the best!

      Here are some top SAP blogs from Syslink Xandria that you should not miss:

      • 4 Changes SAP hosting & IT services providers need to do now  - MSPs can’t stay behind their competitors, being able to provide full transparency, granular real-time reports 24/7/365, tracking of committed SLA and full track of changes, tickets and audit readiness become a competitive option allowing them to offer new solutions with increased revenues.

      • HANA Migration Monitoring Best Practices - HANA migration isn't ever quite that simple. We've compiled this list of tips to help you achieve HANA migration successfully through careful monitoring. When your company decides to make the switch, pull up this list before you get started.
      • 3 Important SAP HANA health checks you must do - As with any new system, HANA brings new challenges. As a non-cloud server, it needs to be monitored to ensure that the system is available, working properly and performs as expected. Daily tests & reporting needs to be part of the daily routine of every SAP Basis engineer who manages a SAP HANA environment. We’ve created a checklist to help simplify your HANA monitoring and ensure that you are monitoring the right things.
      • Ensure HANA migration success - what to do before, during and after - There is one very simple component, if done correctly, can help demonstrate the ROI of moving to HANA, reduce the time and effort of the actual migration and can ensure your system is administratively configured correctly before business users starting to use the new HANA system. 

      • 18 Biggest Pain Points of Your SAP Monitoring  - Basis teams manage all SAP administration, maintenance and ongoing monitoring throughout the organization’s systems. The basis work is complex but almost invisible when all systems are working correctly. These are just some of the most common challenges SAP Basis teams are facing daily and their potential implications. 

      • The good, bad and ugly - SAP Solution Manager - SAP Solution Manager, while often regarded as a single product needs to be looked at as a set of many capabilities, each designed to solve a particular set of problems or support a particular business need. Not every capability is needed or used ever.

      •  6 Reasons why SAP monitoring is important for CIOs - Proper monitoring, as recommended by SAP best practices, takes time. A lot of time. One of our customers’ SAP team was spending over 130 man hours a day just to do the daily monitoring of the nearly 2000 systems they were monitoring.This work is mundane and tedious. Boring and repetitive daily tasks leads to unhappy employees and high turnover. Throwing many lower end or junior consultants leads to inconsistencies and errors. Manually checking the system a couple times a day, or even every couple of hours,leaves large gaps in time where the system is not being watched. If you don't catch issues early, it might be too late...

      • Basis Engineers' Ultimate Guide for SAP Debugging - It can be REALLY painful to find the root cause of an issue in a complex SAP system. Troubleshooting or debugging is a cyclic continuous process typically applied to something that was working and suddenly stopped, its performance has degraded, or suddenly it provides the wrong data. In this post, we’ve provided some tips and tricks on how to improve your SAP troubleshooting