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      Syslink Xandria (now Avantra) named the best vendor for SAP landscapes in a next-generation APM market research

      The all encompassing SAP technical and business process solution enables it to provide performance monitoring unmatched by any other players in the SAP market. “

       Syslink Xandria - now goes by Avantra, the global leader in software solutions for SAP systems, today announced that Research in Action, a leading European research firm, named it as the best vendor for SAP landscape in its recent Vendor Selection Matrix for Next-Generation Application Performance Management. The report provides a comparison of the top 20 vendors of next-generation Application Performance Management solutions.

      “Syslink Xandria (Avantra) is active in the market for more than 17 years and its flagship product Xandria is the best and most comprehensive solution for SAP landscape operation and management. It is a truly unique solution and clearly the most comprehensive for SAP landscapes. If you manage a large and complex SAP environment you should consider Syslink Xandria (Avantra).” commented Dr. Thomas Mendel Ph.D. managing director at Research In Action.

      “For Syslink (Avantra) it certainly pays-off to stay on the SAP target market. The product has constantly evolved and is not only proficient in covering the technical layers, but has also made its mark in monitoring of business processes, client experience, security and compliance. “ continued Dr. Mendel “Customers are especially satisfied with the fast installation and ease of use, which are not very common features in the SAP market. The company achieved the second highest score for both customer satisfaction and price/value ratio amongst all competitors.”

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      According to the Research In Action Vendor Selection Matrix, the importance of Application Performance Management (APM) is at an all-time high. As part of the End-To-End Performance Management market, APM is steadily growing in importance. Today there are more than 500 active software and SaaS vendors globally generating around $ 5 Billion in annual revenue.

      A key component of the report is a survey of 1,500 IT professionals about the future of APM, collecting over 45,000 data points. According to those surveyed, the top key requirements for next-generation APM solutions are a SaaS delivery platform, hybrid cloud management, analytics and big data, and real-time monitoring with end-user views.

      The research also mentioned that Syslink Xandria continues to focus on SAP products and the surrounding ecosystem including OS/DB/APP. The product flexibility and scalability making it a good fit for large enterprises and SAP service providers managing complex SAP deployments and multi-tenant landscapes. The all encompassing SAP technical and business process solution enables it to provide performance monitoring unmatched by any of the other players in the SAP market.

      To download the vendor matrix in full, click here.