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      Cloud Automation

      All the elasticity, scalability, and cost savings of the cloud, now available for SAP.


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      Performance-Based Cloud Scaling
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Cloud automation
      Multi-Cloud Multi-Tenant Management
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Performance based cloud scaling
      SAP Hybrid Environment Management
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Automate daily SAP operation tasks
      Flexible Workflow Automation Engine
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Monitoring automation
      Monitor and Control SAP, SaaS, and Web Services

      SAP Cloud Automation Platform for Performance-Based Cloud Scaling

      Scale up, down, in or out: Avantra brings the full benefits of the cloud to SAP

      Moving your SAP workflows to AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud creates some unexpected challenges. The cloud providers’ auto-scale tools lack visibility into SAP internal operations, which limits their ability to scale the landscape as dynamically as you expect. To experience the true elasticity and cost savings of the cloud, the cloud size needs to respond to SAP systems’ real-time performance needs. With deep visibility into your SAP operations, Avantra provides dynamic KPI- and performance-based cloud scaling that can’t be achieved with any other solution in the market.

      Ready to learn more? Watch our on-demand viewing of  Zero-touch Automation - Rethinking SAP Technical Operations with Tyler Constable.

      Cloud Automation

      Multi-Cloud Multi-Tenant Management

      Manage your complex multi-tenant SAP landscape with a single, secure pane of glass.

      Managing IT environments with multiple cloud providers is complicated. By leveraging a secure, multi-tenant, multi-cloud management platform like Avantra, you can manage all your cloud environments via one powerful solution with complete transparency. Avantra also allows you to analyze and compare the performance of different clouds, so you can optimize your cloud costs to drive maximum efficiency. Avantra also allows you to create and manage secure, multi-tenant environments to accommodate multiple departments and even multiple customers.

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      Monitoring – Avantra Check List

      SAP Hybrid Environment Management

      Maintain complete control of your SAP systems, even in complex hybrid landscapes.

      Today’s enterprises are adopting a hybrid cloud model to combine the security of a private, on-premise infrastructure and the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. With the leading SAP cloud automation platform, Avantra provides complete performance visibility, automation, and management across all your SAP landscapes, whether they are on-premise, in the cloud, or both. It provides single sign-on access and performance transparency across the landscape as well as any other solution within the SAP ecosystem, increasing SAP management efficiency and saving on operational costs.

      Monitoring – Multiple System Overview

      Flexible Workflow Automation Engine

      Eliminate complicated manual sequences to control your cloud-based SAP landscapes.

      While Avantra provides sophisticated monitoring for your cloud or hybrid SAP landscape, its flexible workflow automation engine allows you to script and automate interactions with those components. Far beyond simply stopping and starting systems at a scheduled time, Avantra allows you to run operating-system-level commands, interact with SAP components, pause or wait until a system check has a specific result, and much more. You can define entire sequences of actions with conditional logic. Avantra can even spin up (or shut down) an SAP instance based on current performance KPIs.


      Monitor and control SAP, SaaS, and Web Services

      Keep tabs on all your software, whether they are SAP components or not.

      Every enterprise, no matter how SAP-centric, relies on a variety of software for its daily operations. Avantra’s monitoring and workflow automation engine works with all SAP systems and components, including SAP Business Objects, whether on-premise or in the cloud. It also allows you to monitor and control enterprise-class software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Concur, and many others. Finally, it can monitor and interact with any web services with an API, such as REST.

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      Monitoring – Daily Check Heatmap

      Avantra Brings the Full Benefits of the Cloud to SAP Systems.

      Learn more about how Avantra dynamically and automatically adjusts cloud capacity for your SAP systems.

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      Increase SAP Automation, Operational Transparency, and Actionable Insights with a Single Solution

      The Cloud Actions from Avantra are a game changer. Using this solution we can manage AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud as well as all of our customer’s SAP environment in one single solution. It dynamically allocates cloud resources based on the systems’ performance, saving our customers a substantial amount of money.
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