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    What’s New in Avantra Version 20.11.5

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    Welcome to the Avantra 20.11.5 release notes! Below, you’ll find the latest and greatest product improvements we’re bringing to you with our most recent software version.


    Download the latest version of Avantra here >>

    Permission & Security Enhancements

    With our latest product update, we are introducing additional permission enhancements for Avantra customers. From now on, a new global setting will be available to enable or disable the ability to execute scripts on remote hosts via the Avantra Agent. What’s more, Avantra users will also have the possibility to use protocol encryption for connections to remote SQL servers.

    SLT Monitoring

    To improve the efficiency of SLT monitoring, we have introduced a number of monitoring parameters for SLT checks. The new options will allow our customers to customize SLT status IDs, configuration names, and jobs to be included in checks. In addition, it will be possible to filter SLT configurations and define various warning and critical thresholds. We now also offer a new SAP system check, SLT_SrcTrgt, with which Avantra users can evaluate the difference between the source and target table record numbers.

    Maintenance Windows

    With the newest release, the process of managing maintenance windows has improved significantly. Among other things, we have added a new option to automatically delete inactive maintenance windows. Also, we have implemented an additional system setting that will allow you to set a default value for monitoring behavior when creating maintenance windows.

    More changes and improvements coming with this release 

    ✔ We have implemented a new feature to limit the number of generated notification messages.

    ✔ A new setting to execute database update statements is now available to our customers.

    ✔ Users can automatically trigger a factory reset of remote agents.

    ✔ We’ve introduced additional parameters to tune database connection pools.

    ✔ We have improved the performance of SAP automated daily and custom checks.

    ✔ Continued improvements to our new solution for automated kernel upgrades.

    ✔ Enhanced app analytics for better user experiences, and more.


    At Avantra, we are delighted when our customers tell us about their experiences. Let us know what you are looking for in Avantra by emailing us at support@avantra.com or speak to your customer success manager.