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Technical consultation and sales

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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Oliver Rogers

      Oliver Rogers is the product manager for Avantra's UK product development team.

      Automatic creation of monitored objects in Avantra

      One of the main development themes for the Avantra 21.11 release was making life easier. This includes using and rolling out Avantra. Our goal is to reduce the effort required on your part and let you focus on the things that are important to you and your business. As a result, Avantra 21.11 comes with a number of improvements to the onboarding process for new systems, and maintaining and updating existing ones. So, let me take you through these new improvements.

      Avantra 21.11: Extend Avantra with critical checks and automations

      What makes the Avantra platform incredibly powerful for our customers is the ability to extend...

      Increase resilience: Respond to change with Avantra custom checks

      SAP’s products, technology and development are rapidly changing. Once focused on on premise...

      Introducing Avantra 21.11 with a technical overview

      As product manager for Avantra, it gives me great pleasure to introduce some of the new features...