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      3 min read

      Using Avantra to “SAP enable” ServiceNow

      Using Avantra to “SAP enable” ServiceNow

      ServiceNow’s success has been exceptional over the last few years - especially during 2020. Some would argue that a shift to IT workflow automation that breaks down silos and integrates disparate support systems was inevitable. And focusing on building resilient IT Operations during a pandemic has certainly accelerated this shift.

      The ServiceNow value proposition is compelling with a "Time to Value" that's extremely quick. The level of benefits gained are usually only seen in longer, more complex transformation projects.

      ServiceNow prides itself as the “Platform of Platforms” and it is very capable of integrating many IT systems, from Application to Infrastructure. However, SAP has remained an enigma for ServiceNow, as it has for nearly all Enterprise level IT software vendors... Until Avantra.

      Find out more about Avantra with ServiceNow >>

      Avantra now bridges the SAP divide for ServiceNow. It marries “regular IT” and “SAP IT” data with out-of-the-box integrations.

      Where do the Avantra ServiceNow integrations for SAP operations fit in? Well, to give you an idea of how it could work for you, we've put together the most frequent customer scenarios.

      Here are the most common use cases where the Avantra ServiceNow integrations help integrate SAP data with non SAP information:


      Avantra automatically creates incidents in ServiceNow and includes specific data. This means IT operations teams can quickly identify the potential root cause of an issue.

      Avantra’s intelligent alerts create incidents that are sent only to the relevant people. This means that unnecessary alerts are suppressed, putting an end to alert fatigue - something that's a real concern for complex, highly integrated SAP landscapes. Avantra offers a certified integration via the ServiceNow Store for this.

      Event Management

      These intelligent alerts for SAP come into ServiceNow to complement other monitoring data sources and log files. ServiceNow’s AIOps capabilities triage and determine severity or escalation priorities.

      Service Graph Connector: CMDB Integration

      Avantra has just launched the enhanced CMDB integration with the release of our certified Service Graph connector for SAP.  This allows clients to automatically sync detailed SAP configuration and change data with ServiceNow’s CMDB.

      Having a single source of truth across all IT operational data accelerates root cause analysis. What's more, you'll gain better management of configuration data changes. This speeds up your SDLC with more rapid releases and supports the enforcement of security policies.

      This single data model is a core principle that should be part of every IT operations strategy. So, enabling capability for the ServiceNow platform across the entire tech stack - including SAP - is no longer optional for modern organizations that rely on mission-critical technology systems to do business.

      Integration Hub

      Avantra’s automation platform for SAP is triggered from ServiceNow to give quick remediation or orchestration across the full SAP stack.

      Example tasks that Avantra performs in this scenario:

      • Autoscaling your SAP systems to optimize cloud costs
      • Scheduling system maintenance windows
      • Automatically patching SAP systems
      • Providing safe stop and start of complex SAP landscapes (even by non SAP users)

      How does Avantra integrate with ServiceNow? ServiceNow’s flexible and easy to use workflow designer simply accesses the powerful capabilities of Avantra to execute complex workflows within SAP.


      Avantra’s powerful dashboarding capability and end to end business process monitoring can be accessed via commonly used ServiceNow portals. This avoids complex integration projects. For MSPs, it's easy to extend Avantra’s services to multiple customers through any existing support portals.

      Ready to SAP enable ServiceNow?

      This article gives you a flavor of the Avantra ServiceNow integration for SAP. These high level summaries of common use cases demonstrate the potential power of combining SAP data with your ServiceNow instance through the Avantra platform.

      The Avantra ServiceNow integrations now provide our customers with a way to leverage ServiceNow’s capabilities with SAP specific data. 


      Find out more about Avantra with ServiceNow >>