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      2 min read

      The Market Speaks: 3 Mega Trends in SAP Operations Automation

      It's probably not a huge surprise to hear that the more complex an SAP landscape is, there's a 33% chance of higher costs, shortage of resources, and lack of consistency in management. We've always been aware how complex SAP technologies are and how critical they are for businesses that rely on ERP to manage their workflows. However, what may surprise you, is that Avantra has uncovered that organizations running SAP, spend 70% of their budget simply keeping the lights on.


      In Avantra's most recent market research, to be published next month in conjunction with ASUG, it reveals the link between organizations that use automation in their IT Operations and businesses that innovate.


      In this webcast, broadcasting live on October 28th 2020, you'll hear first hand from John Appleby, Avantra CEO, together with ASUG, as he reveals why organizations are spending more than twice as much time keeping IT operations running than planning for the future.


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      Avantra's CEO, John Appleby was keen to better understand the digital transformation and innovation needs of SAP customers. With this in mind, ASUG conducted an independent survey commissioned by Avantra and now this webcast will reveal for the first time: 


      • The innovation drivers in the SAP operations market,
      • The SAP-centric enterprise operational challenges,
      • What the common challenges and gotchas are in digital transformation, and
      • The tools and technologies enterprise leaders need to solve these challenges.

      Join John Appleby and Ann Marie Gray, Vice President of Content Strategy and Research, ASUG, as they reveal the key findings from the market study, including;


      • Organizations are spending more than twice as much time executing current strategies (67%) than planning for the future (33%), 
      • The number of self-identified innovators (organizations that spend more of their time innovating than executing) is only 13%, while the number of self-identified executor organizations is 67%; and
      • 74% of respondents rate their IT operations department as somewhat or extremely willing to adopt new technologies. 

      October 28, 2020, 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT, 

      5:00pm–6:00pm GMT


      We're looking forward to sharing the results of this survey with you and to hear how your organization is tackling SAP operations innovation.


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