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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Reinventing SAP monitoring and management

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      SAP Auditing: A Complete Introduction

      Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about SAP and its audit process?

      We'll take a look at...

      What’s the secret to choosing the right SAP HANA migration solution for your organization?

      SAP HANA Migration

      As a revolutionary column-based in-memory database, SAP HANA has been praised as...

      SAP Maintenance Planner: A quick guide to help SAP maintenance planning

      SAP maintenance planning is a helpful way to keep track of scheduled maintenance activities in your...

      SAP on premise to AWS cloud migration: The complete guide

      SAP on premise to AWS cloud migration is a key focus area for many businesses. This is no surprise...

      Using SAP in manufacturing for increased productivity

      As the landscape continues to become more challenging, it's safe to say automation is the future of...

      SAP HotNews analysis: What MSPs need to know

      SAP is one of the most business critical enterprise applications. As a result, keeping it secure is...

      How to choose the best SAP automation tool

      When choosing an SAP Automation Tool, you need to ensure you're picking a platform that can grow...

      SAP operations with Google Cloud, ServiceNow and automation

      Google and ServiceNow also announced an enhanced strategic partnership focused on AIOps and true...

      The System Integrator support challenge

      Typically, companies choose to partner with a Systems Integrator (SI) to help them with their...