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    Technical consultation and sales

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      RISE with SAP and Avantra


      Accelerate your journey towards digital transformation and intelligent operations

      Leverage the power of RISE with SAP through the industry leading Avantra SAP AIOps platform

      Why choose RISE with SAP and how can Avantra help you make the most of it?

      You know that migration to the cloud is key to becoming an intelligent enterprise, optimizing business processes and gaining competitive advantage. But where do you start? RISE with SAP, a comprehensive cloud based solution from SAP, provides a pathway. Flexible and scalable, it bundles the tools and most of the necessary services for managing an SAP environment into a single contract.

      Including S/4HANA Cloud ERP, it is available as a private cloud solution or can be contracted to hyperscalers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It also provides basic cyber security, basic testing processes and business process intelligence.

      Avantra fully complements RISE with SAP and also offers the advantage of extensive additional functionality to empower your digital transformation.

      With rapid integration to the cloud, full stack monitoring and intelligent automation, Avantra supports you at every stage of your journey.

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      Seamless integration for your entire landscape

      Avantra is ‘Works with RISE with SAP’ certified for the private cloud and also offers native integration with the hyperscalers AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. There is no need to worry about your third party applications, as Avantra also integrates with ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Slack and more. Rollout is rapid and simple, ensuring time to value.

      Unmatched monitoring of your SAP systems

      Building on RISE with SAP’s base level monitoring, Avantra provides a host of additional checks on your mission critical processes, before, during and after your S/4 HANA migration. Smart notification management alerts the right people and systems, at the right time, to any issues, saving your team from needless interruptions.

      Intelligent automation that creates time to build

      The Avantra SAP AIOps platform eliminates mundane manual tasks and frees up your team to focus on innovation and strategic growth. The automation library includes ready to go, best practice automations which can be extended and customized to your requirements, driving business success.

      Book a demo with us today to see how you can leverage the power of RISE with SAP through the Avantra SAP AIOps platform

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