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Simplify your work day with Avantra

We know that SAP landscapes are complex. And when you’re slowed down by inefficiencies, false alarms and tedious tasks, there’s no time for innovation (or you). But there is another way. Get out of reactive mode and regain valuable time with Avantra, the AIOps platform for Basis Engineers.

  • Simplifies daily repetitive tasks
  • Save hours of wasted effort by notifying you of the root cause
  • Highlights the big issues and predicts resource requirements.

See Avantra in action. Get access to our short feature videos covering:

  • How to perform daily checks with Avantra
  • Real-time monitoring and notification of prioritized tasks
  • Administrative scheduling uptime/downtime without risk
  • How to configure and monitor parameter sets
  • How to reduce the number of false starts with Avantra


See how it works: Get access to our product highlight videos.


Managed Technologies

Simplify your work day by having a multi-tenant view of your tech stack.

With so many technologies already in place, the last thing you need is another system to complicate things further. Avantra is anything but complicated. The platform manages a variety of technologies to cater to each unique landscape, making system integration seamless.


Of all the tools we considered, Avantra’s capabilities were above the rest. Avantra has empowered us with a monitoring solution that keeps us informed through real-time alerts, resource utilization, and integrations with business processes inside our ERP systems.

SAP Basis Team Lead, Head of SAP services | Global Polymer Manufacturer

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