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      One of the World’s Leading Polymer and Chemical Producers Proactively Monitor SAP Systems on AWS

      While undergoing SAP migration to AWS, this chemical and textile company needed good management, automation and real-time alerts and notification practices around ERP systems. 

      While SAP management and monitoring may seem routine to some, it’s important to recognize the crucial role your SAP landscape plays in powering your entire company. When SAP systems fail, your company suffers.

      One company who recognizes the importance of proactive and effective SAP monitoring is one of the world’s largest producers of chemicals and textile fibers. This company now uses Avantra to proactively monitor the health of their SAP systems.

      As a chemical and textiles company transforms daily life through its innovations in the nylon, polyester and specialty materials industries, you may find their products in your clothing, carpets, cars, and computers—just to name a few. This company’s polymers and chemical intermediates are the foundation for many of the plastics you use every day. 

      The Business Challenge: SAP Performance Monitoring on AWS

      While undergoing SAP migration to AWS, this chemical and textile company needed good monitoring and real-time alerts and notification practices around ERP systems. Their SAP basis team had difficulty implementing and using SAP Solution Manager, with little time and no in-house resources to handle new implementations. 

      They knew they needed to implement good monitoring and notification practices around their ERP systems to quickly identify issues in their SAP landscape and prevent those issues before they happen.

      “We tried to use Solution Manager and struggled to get that implemented. We didn’t have the resources in-house for such a large project. Time and effort were a dealbreaker for us.”  – SAP Basis Team Lead 

      Searching for an SAP Performance Optimization Solution

      Their core SAP production includes ECC, Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management, CRM, GTS, and BW across more than 40 servers. Their backend databases for all systems are Sybase, with the exception of BW, which sits on HANA. They recently migrated their systems to AWS and just completed the production landscape.

      The SAP basis team was seeking a solution that would allow their IT team to properly manage and automate their cloud and on-premise environments, before their AWS migration. They needed landscape-wide visibility to monitor all configuration changes within the system and ensure these changes were properly implemented across production and non-production systems. 

      How Avantra SAP Systems and Cloud Automation Solved Their Problem

      They implemented Avantra’s SAP systems monitoring solution to provide thorough, best practice monitoring of their SAP systems. Through one easy-to-use dashboard, their technical SAP team gets complete visibility into the overall system health, minute-by-minute, 24/7. The solution provides intelligent notifications that notify the team only when a set of conditions and thresholds is exceeded.

      Using Avantra's on-premise server monitoring and predictive resource planning, they were able to anticipate the amount of AWS resources they needed – saving them money during and after the migration process. 

      Read more on Cloud Automation SAP Platforms.

      Benefits of Utilizing Avantra for SAP Performance Monitoring

      • Automated SAP monitoring on-premise and in the cloud.
      • Proactive real-time alerts automatically notify and escalate issues.
      • Resource utilization and predictive analysis empowered AWS migration.
      • Ease of use and speed of installation enabled a smooth deployment.

      Implementing Avantra’s powerful solution ensures that only real issues are being reported and the team’s attention is focused on solving issues, rather than clearing false alarms.

      Because Avantra is a simple and fast-to-deploy solution, this chemical and textiles company enjoyed a smooth and fast implementation. Within weeks of the initial installation, they set all their customized KPIs and landscape-wide SAP monitoring was then fully implemented and ready to use. 

      The Result

      This company’s IT team now directs their time and effort toward other SAP system activities and growth initiatives, as Avantra automatically monitors, manages, analyzes, and identifies potential issues, without the need for human intervention. Their basis team can confidently rely on clear availability reports and full visibility into system up and downtime. Their team gets more insight, with less manual effort.

      “We selected Avantra to manage our AWS and on-premise SAP systems. We had moved all of our systems to AWS, including ECC, Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management, CRM, GTS, and BW on HANA. We were using SAP Solution Manager, but were struggling to get it implemented. Of all the tools we considered, Avantra’s capabilities were above the rest. Avantra empowered us with a monitoring solution that keeps us informed through real-time alerts, resource utilization, and integrations with business processes inside our ERP systems. We experienced an easy implementation, being fully up and running within a month. Avantra is effective and easy to use.” - SAP Basis Team Lead 

      Furthermore, their SAP basis team is very happy with Avantra’s predictive resource utilization, which gives them the ability to look back over time and predict needed future utilization.

      Since Avantra automatically discovers all the components of each server and applies relevant monitors for each, adding new systems is fast and error-free. This makes it easy for them to ensure monitoring consistency across their entire landscape.

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