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      3 min read

      Avantra 21.11.4: Monitor Java instances without an SAPControl user

      Learn more about Java instance monitoring in Avantra 21.11.4

      Each Avantra version packs powerful features and enhancements that make it even simpler to work with and integrate - leading to better system quality, resilience and compliance. Avantra 21.11.4 lives up to this expectation by offering the new remote Java monitoring support feature.

      Remote Java monitoring support feature

      This sophisticated feature appeals to organizations running large and diverse SAP environments where it’s not always possible to install an agent to monitor the system. Previously, the only way to perform remote monitoring of an SAP Java instance was with the SAPControl user. But some organizations are running in a third party managed environment that makes it harder for them to get the credentials to the SAPControl user.  Thereby, making access to the data needed to monitor SAP Java systems difficult to obtain.

      With the new remote SAP Java monitoring support functionality released in Avantra 21.11.4, these SAP Java instances can now be monitored without an SAPControl user.

      Easy monitoring without an SAPControl user

      We make this possible simply with the use of a few SAP Java archive files copied to the monitoring server. Avantra then monitors SAP Java instances as if an agent was present. Not only does Avantra monitor whether a specific Java instance is up and running, it goes a step further and also verifies that key performance indicators are operating within acceptable thresholds. 

      Checking application threads for long runners, Java application server response time, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) memory utilization and JVM garbage collection, Avantra alerts you when a potential issue may impact the business. It also ensures that the SAP Java systems are up and running well and detects trends with predictive analytics empowering businesses to act before it becomes a threat.

      This means that critical business processes for Java systems will no longer go unchecked on any remote monitored instance. To demonstrate this capability let's take the example of SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence), a key solution for most manufacturing organizations and an application based on SAP NetWeaver Java. If deployed, Avantra 21.11.4 can monitor the SAP MII and others applications based on SAP NetWeaver Java remotely and can be made to rollout upon detection.

      Learn more about Avantra 21.11.4.

      Twenty years of SAP landscape expertise

      Avantra focuses on complexities so that you can focus on what matters the most to you. So rest easy and with confidence knowing that all of your remote systems are taken care of by the remote monitoring (Agent-less) capabilities of Avantra. 

      For the past 20 years, we have worked with many customers across various industry verticals. We have helped them achieve the ‘possible' with SAP by automating repetitive operational tasks - freeing up their expert teams to focus on innovation and value.

      Designed and engineered by our SAP engineering experts through careful market understanding. The Avantra version 21.11.4 offers a host of features, capabilities and functionalities. Amongst these is the new remote SAP JAVA monitoring support feature.

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      Create space for innovation with Avantra.