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Technical consultation and sales

Europe support +41 61 295 9995

Europe Sales +41 61 295 9989

NA Support  +1 800 463 5620

NA Sales  +1 800 463 5270

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    Tyler Constable

    Tyler is a senior SAP professional with nearly 15 years of experience managing, deploying and monitoring SAP systems. He is leading Avantra's sales engineering and is working with SAP Basis teams in enterprises and managed service providers all over the world.

    Cloud infrastructure automation

    In the tech world, automation has become a buzzword, especially when it comes to SAP.  But in the world of SAP on cloud infrastructure, it no longer needs to be just a buzzword but can be fully embraced by organizations to manage their SAP systems.

    SAP Reporting vs. SAP Monitoring

    For a lot of teams that manage SAP environments, the terms reporting and monitoring are often...

    The Basis Engineer's Daily Checklist

    Learn more about the daily responsibilities that an SAP Basis Engineer performs regularly, and...

    How Do I Convince My Business to Automate?

    For an SAP expert like you, the prospect of a modernized and SAP-focused operations platform is...

    The Basis Guide to Performance Dashboards

    For better or worse, application performance is one of those things that when managed correctly...

    How do I Monitor and Manage SAP MII?

    SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) is the key piece of software for most...

    SAP MII Security Vulnerability - Attackers can Inject Malicious Code to Server

    This month, SAP has released note 3022622, ‘Code Injection Vulnerability in SAP Manufacturing...

    SAP Focused Run Monitoring

    SAP Focused Run is intended to provide businesses with the ability to efficiently support and...

    Integrating SAP into the Modern World

    Within the last 8 years, there has been an acceleration into a new IT strategy of managing...