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      1 min read

      syslink Xandria Adds Sybase Support


      Pfäffikon, November 26, 2014 – Starting with syslink Xandria 5.2 Revision 4 the Swiss System Management Solution adds native support for the SAP Sybase ASE Database. It is the second new RDBMS that is supported in the 5.2 version after SAP HANA support entered the initial 5.2 release.

      After an extensive and successful private beta test manufacturer syslink software AG decided to backport the SAP Sybase ASE support. It was originally planned for the syslink Xandria 6.0 Release only. The current release features checks for connectivity, backup, transaction log backup, error log and others. In addition, the most important configuration changes of SAP Sybase ASE are tracked automatically and performance resources are recorded for use with the Service Level Reports.

      Revision 4 of syslink Xandria also wraps up some other new functions, like monitoring of the Communication Channels of an SAP PI System, support for the latest TREX versions, support for Internet Explorer 11 and an improved permission management for Service Level Reports.

      The new Revision 4 of syslink Xandria 5.2 will be available on November 28, 2014.