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      1 min read

      syslink Xandria 6 reinvents SAP System Management

      Today, Swiss-based software manufacturer syslink releases version 6 of its System Management Solution syslink Xandria. The new version natively supports SAP Web Dispatcher, Business Communication Services, and Transport Management Services. Besides these, there are more than 1000 new functions and improvements.

      Most changes compared to its three year old predecessor syslink Xandria 5.2 happened to happen under the hood, though. The management agents have been re-implemented from scratch, and so have been major parts of the server architecture. Both share the same common event-driven and multi-threaded design already known from the master and gateway components.

      According to participants of the closed beta program, the new implementation is more responsive and a step forward in overall performance. Likewise, it allows syslink to provide improvements to the Notification Management. Alerts triggered by the management agents are correlated and processed centrally and may initiate actions performed by the triggering agent. This feature is sometimes referred to as self-healing and allows for instance to restart an application server in case a certain error occurs.

      There are also new types of notifications. Browser notifications and Apple push notifications draw attention to the GUI or the XanMobile app immediately.

      Monitoring for SAP HANA, introduced with the previous syslink Xandria version and extended to the SAP S/4HANA Business Suite early this year, has evolved further. The new Parameter Validator supports the operation of SAP HANA especially in regulated environments with high security demands.

      Finally there is a bunch of new improvements that provide even more convenience in the business of SAP Basis Administration. Users can initiate a SAPGUI logon, start an RDP session on the target server, or open a terminal directly from the syslink Xandria GUI.