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      syslink provides new SAP HANA Preparation Services

      Basel, December 12, 2013 – New service available for all companies planning the introduction of SAP HANA. The SAP HANA Preparation Services are focused on vendor independence and on the rich experience in system operation of the provider.

      Those companies that opt for the introduction of SAP HANA are sooner rather than later stuck with the hardware vendor. An unbiased review concerning sizing and operating model gets an onerous task. This is where the new service adds in, which Kurt Meier, one of the two Managing Directors at syslink, describes as follows:

      “We will provide an independent assessment of already existing implementation and operation plans. Is SAP HANA really the solution that best answers the defined requirements? Is the offered hardware reasonably sized and the proposed operation model appropriate? All these questions have to be answered individually in order to protect the investment as best as possible.”

      syslink strongly relies on its experience in operation SAP HANA-based solutions in their own data centers. Furthermore, the syslink staff is heavily involved in one of the largest SAP HANA projects in Switzerland.

      You will find further information related to the SAP HANA Preparation services of syslink here