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    Heiko Mannherz

    Heiko Mannherz leads Avantra’s Innovation Program as Chief Innovation Officer, working closely with the Product Development and Customer Office teams. Serving almost nineteen years at Avantra in many different roles, the broader view on new technologies and methodologies was always at the core of his work. Heiko holds an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Bonn.

    New SAP BO Platform for BSN medical

    Today, the syslink SAP Basis Team handed over a new SAP BusinessObjects BI test system to its...

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    Data Center A/C, Unicode, SAP CRM Migration, Sybase Migration

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    syslink Xandria Certification

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    Inside syslink: References and Recommendations

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    Inside syslink: Heartbleed

    You probably have heard about the serious bug in various versions of the OpenSSL implementation.