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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Inside syslink: References and Recommendations

      As a relatively small company, references and recommendations are vital for us. There is almost no session with a prospect where we are not asked for a reference customer. And this is for good reason. Almost everyone of us relies on recommendations once it comes e.g. to buying in an online shop.

      And in the same way as we do not recommend publicly every single book we bought online, not every customer is willing to serve as a reference.

      That is why we like to take this opportunity to thank all the others: for their permission to quote their company name or logo, for participating in a case study, or for simply accepting a phone call from another interested person. In return, you will get extraordinary products and services in the future as well. Take our word on it.

      And we were glad to accept once the Potix Corporation asked us if we would provide a case study. Potix is the company behind the open source ZK Framework. In our System Management Solution syslink Xandria the user interface is built entirely upon the ZK Framework. It is impressive to see how the ZK Framework enables us to improve our development speed.

      Find the complete case study here: www.zkoss.org/whyzk/casestudies#syslink.