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Technical consultation and sales

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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Heiko Mannherz

      Heiko Mannherz leads Avantra’s Innovation Program as Chief Innovation Officer, working closely with the Product Development and Customer Office teams. Serving almost nineteen years at Avantra in many different roles, the broader view on new technologies and methodologies was always at the core of his work. Heiko holds an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Bonn.

      HANA-Project, SAP-Basis-Outsourcing, New Customers

      syslink completed largest SAP HANA migration project worldwide; Contract extended with Infosys...

      New Customers and Contract Extension

      New Customers Netafim and Mediterranean Car Agency; Contract Extension with Harman Becker

      Projects and Xandria Licensing July 2016

      Contract Extensions with Zurich Airport and Deloitte (South Africa); Solution Manager Project...

      syslink Xandria and SAP HANA: On the Rise

      During the past seven months, the number of SAP HANA-based SAP systems managed by syslink Xandria...

      Projects and Xandria Licensing June 2016

      One project won, one project accomplished in time and in budget; increased license volume

      syslink Xandria 6 reinvents SAP System Management

      Today, Swiss-based software manufacturer syslink releases version 6 of its System Management...

      New Customer and Increased License Volume

      New customer Longchamp; Increased License Volume by REWE Group and Atos (Thailand)

      New Customer and Contract Extensions

      New customer Medela AG; Contract Extensions with a huge European retail company, with Swiss Manor...

      New SAP HANA and SAP Basis Project; New Customer in Israel

      New SAP HANA and SAP Basis Project at German BSN medical GmbH; New Customer Gilat Satellite Networks