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    Technical consultation and sales

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      The Avantra pricing model is based on a count of five groups that Avantra determines as ‘Avantra License Objects’.  These ‘Avantra License Objects’ correspond to different technical components within your landscape.

      To ensure an accurate and timely quote, please provide the information for these five ‘Avantra License Objects’ on this form.   

      Providing other information such as landscape diagrams or system lists without filling up the form often require additional clarification resulting in delayed quote.

      Avantra License Objects

      SAP System/ SID

      Includes the SAP Central Instance and database.  High availability and/or disaster recovery architected systems will be included as a single count.  

      This does NOT include BOBJ/BODS systems (see standalone database below)

      Additional Instance

      Includes any additional application servers, web dispatchers or TREX and BOBJ systems.

      Stand Alone Database

      Includes any database that is not the primary database of a SAP System including HANA sidecar and/or any non-SAP database.  

      All BOBJ/BODS systems should be counted within this license object.


      Includes any operating system (physical or virtual) that will be monitored by Avantra.

      Includes ALL servers associated with any of the above Avantra Licensed Objects’ including those counted as 'SAP systems', 'Additional Instance' or 'Standalone database'.

      Cloud Services
      Under this category included (priced per connector):
      • Almost any SaaS product or Web service.
      • Out-of-the-box support SAP Cloud Platform Neo, SAP Cloud Platform Integration (on Neo and Cloud Foundry), SAP Cloud Connector
      • Create your own Java script connector to other SaaS products and web.

      Note: System location (cloud, on premise, hybrid) has no impact to these counts. *When viewing the table below on mobile, scroll left and right to see full detail. 


        SAP Systems Additional 
      Database Server
      ABAP Systems         
      Java Systems         
      HANA Based Systems          
      Dual Stack (ABAP/Java) Systems          
      Fiori with an ABAP Back End          
      Application Servers (Secondary Instances)          
      Web Dispatcher          
      Any non-SAP, 'stand-alone' database        
      BOBJ/BODS Systems        
      HANA Sidecar        
      Live Cache Database        
      High Availability Servers        
      Active or 'Hot' disaster recovery servers        
      Any non-SAP Standalone Servers