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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Provide your ServiceNow platform with real SAP context

      Thanks so much for your interest in Avantra's SAP integration with ServiceNow.

      Someone from Avantra's technical team will email you to set up a time to discuss how you can bring SAP data into your ServiceNow platform or you can book a meeting now using the links below.

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      Is your ServiceNow CMDB missing something?

      Avantra provides your ServiceNow platform real SAP context.

      Join the dots with SAP.

      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Monitoring automation

      Full view of config data

      It's impossible to get a full stack view of all configuration data. Why? Because SAP information doesn't integrate with your ServiceNow world. Until now.

      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Collaboration

      Easily connect with SAP

      Bridge the divide between your two most powerful enterprise platforms - SAP and ServiceNow. 

      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Automate daily SAP operation tasks

      Better workflow

      ITSM, ITOM, Asset Management, SecOps and DevOps already use the Now platform. These workflow capabilities can now be used across your most critical enterprise application - SAP. 

      Reinventing SAP monitoring and management

      Fresh, in-depth SAP industry content. Stay up-to-date with evolving industry trends & best practices. Follow Avantra's blog to stay in the know.