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      4 min read

      Using SAP automation to maximise ROI: A Managecore case study

      SAP automation with Avantra and Managecore

      Managecore is a managed service provider (MSP) offering solutions ranging from data center transformation and public cloud services to virtualization and IT managed services. The company wanted to ensure operational transparency for its clients. In doing so, Managecore planned to improve customer service by making it easier for clients to monitor their SAP environments and get real time alerts. 

      Avantra, an automation platform for SAP and non SAP environments, stepped in with its AIOps platform to offer a multitenancy solution to Managecore. Besides automation, Avantra provided a real time SAP monitoring solution. 

      Here's a closer look at the challenges Managecore faced and how Avantra managed to resolve them. 

      The challenge

      Like any other managed services provider, Managecore also wanted to provide superior customer service and stay agile in the market. Employee engagement was also a concern as it is closely tied to a company's overall performance and growth. 

      Managecore differs from other MSPs due to its focus on transparency and client trust. The company mainly focuses on two aspects; operational transparency and SAP automation. 

      The Avantra platform solution

      Nick Miletich, Chief Technology Officer at Managecore, says that his company chose Avantra because it is SAP focused. He explained that his company had previously used many solutions to monitor multiple SAP aspects, but they never had a stellar solution. 

      Avantra differed from other companies because its initial focus was on SAP, and it didn't try to be everything at once. Here's how Avantra helped Managecore:

      • Avantra Enterprise: The Avantra platform Enterprise dashboard lets Managecore's clients see everything in real time. These customers can get real time insights, see system compliance, analyze the system's overall health, and monitor business process performance. According to Miletech, it's like "one pane of glass" across allowing the clients can see everything.
      • SAP Automation: With Avantra, Managecore helped clients automate processes they previously did manually. Clients could automate trivial checks, such as those for security issues. For instance, if the client gets an alert for a security issue in SAP, they can check it within minutes instead of spending hours figuring it out. Then, they can use the Avantra platform automation tools to fix the problem as well. The platform's system refresh offering gave them the opportunity to fully automate a customized refresh for each of their customers' environments, providing their end customer better testing data by being able to offer refreshes more timely and thus, more often. Since Avantra patches Kernels automatically, the client's IT team doesn't have to repair each of them manually.
      • Innovation: Managecore reports that Avantra has allowed its clients to be more flexible in an "innovative type of role" rather than just everyday troubleshooting. Clients no longer have to call multiple times to ask  the reason for system downtime. They spend less time on system management and more on innovation. 

      The result

      Managecore has benefited significantly through Managecore's offerings. Some of the results the company has achieved so far include:

      • Lower costs: Managecore provides the Avantra platform's start and stop automated features for client cloud servers. The automatic shut offs ensure systems do not operate when not in use, such as on holidays and weekends. It allows clients save on cloud costs.
      • Less manual error: Manual tasks are prone to human error. On top of that, finding security risks or other issues manually takes time. The Avantra platform's automated monitoring has eliminated this concern for Managecore's clients.
      • Non SAP management: The Avantra platform's services are not limited to SAP. Managecore can manage every client's individual stack, SAP and non SAP, using Avantra.
      • Better customer service: Managecore has improved its customer service through Avantra. Clients no longer wait hours for answers when the system runs into issues. The automated monitoring and alerting features have also reduced the time taken to identify problems.
      • Real time insights: The Avantra platform's dashboards and intelligent alerts let Managecore's clients get system health information in real time. They can catch errors and issues in their ecosystem early on for better handling and remediation. Together, these features result in better work efficiency and higher ROI. The best part is that Avantra is a multitenancy solution. So, Managecore can scale it to meet every customer's needs.

      Together, these features result in better work efficiency and higher ROI. The best part is that Avantra is a multitenancy solution. So, Managecore can scale it to meet every customer's needs.

      Ensure transparency across the SAP landscape

      Managecore is known for being one of the best MSPs in the market. The company holds this status due to its dedication to customer service and transparency. 

      Providing seamless transparency to clients across the SAP landscape is necessary for Managecore. That's why the company uses Avantra to unify monitoring, giving instant updates and alerts to clients. Avantra's automation has also helped Managecore improve customer service and increase ROI. 

      Managecore's clients can now focus on long term innovation rather than merely troubleshooting. Due to this high value provision, Managecore can expect to retain most of its clients for extended periods, maximizing ROI and client trust. 

      Whether you have a single or multi tenant SAP ecosystem, a quick discussion with an Avantra expert will help you determine your needs. Request a demo today