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      4 min read

      Introducing Avantra 20.2 - What's new?

      As part of our relaunch as Avantra, we're excited to release the next version of our software, Avantra 20.2. Our vision at Avantra is to be the industry leader in data-driven, fully automated operations for businesses running SAP and 20.2 is the next step on this journey.

      The new release features some obvious changes, a new name, a new brand, and a new versioning scheme combined with some new foundational elements designed to power the future of SAP Operations. With all this change though, you'll be glad to hear that under the hood there is still the rock-solid code base of Syslink Xandria.

      In this post I'm going to briefly look at some of the new features we're bringing to market in this release and believe me, we're just getting started. We're also proud to announce that there will also be a dedicated version of Avantra for Amazon Web Services (AWS) available in the AWS Marketplace.




      If you would like to learn more please contact us and we'll be happy to take you through an in-depth and tailored demonstration of Avantra.

      Full Stack Automation

      As the industry leader for AI Operations (AIOps) , we're launching our all new Workflow Automation Engine to support key functions such as:

      • Full stack start/stop including public cloud integration supported across:
        • SAP Landscapes, Systems, Applications Servers
        • Databases
        • Cloud VMs
      • Sequential and parallel actions including flow control for error handling
      • Perform actions in SAP systems via RFC, in databases via SQL, on servers via command line and SSH, and interact with SaaS or web services via REST
      • Back links to monitoring allow to use automation for self-healing actions
      • Give your business the ability to run their own automations via our self-service interactive dashlets
      Avantra's DevOps Automation – Job Details OS Patching-1

      SAP Business Objects

      This has been a frequent request from our customers and we're listening! So today, we're delighted to announce official support for SAP Business Objects including:
      • Seven new out-of-the box checks and one custom check of type SAP_BO_JOBS
      • Simple setup requiring only the base URL and the CMS user and password
      • Support for automated including starting and stopping

      End-to-End Cloud (SaaS & Web) monitoring

      It is hard to find enterprise landscape without some connectivity to SaaS products or 3rd party web services. This is why we are introducing support for SaaS and Web monitoring:

      • Convenient platform to access almost any SaaS product or web service
      • Usable in Monitoring and Automation
      • Out-of-the-box support for SAP Cloud Platform Neo
      • Supports JavaScript for advanced usage (Avantra Pro Edition only)

      Best Practice Templates

      Keeping with the theme of acceleration, automation and using time wisely, 20.2 also includes a wide range of templates out of the box to get you moving faster including:


      • System Selectors
      • Check Selectors
      • Parameter Sets
      • Notification Actions

      Other New Features and Improvements


      • New dashlets "Multiple System Overview" and "Number of Systems"
      • Improved SAP Transport Requests
      • Improved handing of SAP HANA System databases
      • New SAP system custom check SAP_ApplicationLog allowing for detailed analysis of Concur and SuccessFactors integrations to on-premise systems.
      • Improved support for Agents connected to the Master through a NAT

      For more details check out What's new in Avantra v20.2 

      You can get more details in the release notes and the delta presentation as well as in Avantra's product pages. If you would like to learn more please contact us and we'll be happy to take you through an in-depth and tailored demonstration of Avantra, or watch a 10-minute demo.