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    Brenton O'Callaghan

    Brenton O'Callaghan is Avantra's Chief Customer Officer. From Cork in Ireland, he has spent over a decade in the SAP world across multiple companies, roles and geographies. Brenton has a deep background in Computer Science.

    SAP operations with Google Cloud, ServiceNow and automation

    A fascinating blog post covering the future of cloud operations and migrations in modern enterprises was co-authored this week by Siddhartha Agarwal, Google's Managing Director of SaaS Partnerships & ISV Center of Excellence, and ServiceNow's Brian Emerson, VP Product and IT Operations Management. In this post, Agarwal and Emerson cover the key areas that are changing as enterprises embark on this modernization journey and highlight where operations teams should be focused to make it as smooth as possible.

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    5 Reasons Automation will Transform your SAP Landscape

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    What's new in Avantra 20.11?

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    SAP Operations Continuity: 5 Priorities You Need to Embrace Today

    Brenton O'Callaghan, Head of Customer Experience at Avantra, lists his top priorities for...

    Introducing Avantra 20.2 - What's new?

    As part of our relaunch as Avantra, we're excited to release the next version of our software,...