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Avantra Preview

Work with our team to shape the future of SAP Operations and test pre-release versions of Avantra.

How do I get access?

From time to time, we will grant access to pre-release features for certain existing customers running the latest version of Avantra. This program is invitation-only, however you can submit interest by filling out the adjacent form and we will do our best to include you.

Access is granted on a case by case basis and requires some investment on your side (as well as ours) such as:

  • Joint feedback sessions regularly during the preview
  • Assignment of an Avantra coach to work with a dedicated person on your team
  • Joint creation of a business case to support continued use of the feature
  • Joint case study around the co-innovation for the preview
  • Weekly technical sessions between the Avantra engineering team and your team

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