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      2 min read

      Fujitsu selects syslink Xandria for SAP monitoring

      Fujitsu Australia, one of the leading ICT vendors in the region, with about 5,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand selected syslink Xandria to manage and monitor their customer's SAP environments. The Australian subsidiary is part of the fifth largest IT service provider/managed service provider (MSP) worldwide. The contract signed is a multi-year contract.

      Fujitsu has successfully delivered outsourcing services worldwide for more than 18 years. Building on 30 years of consulting and systems integration experience, Fujitsu focuses on delivering value-based outsourcing programs resulting in a sterling track record for service management, customer satisfaction and retention.

      Their services are focuses on three key areas:

      • Business Results: Value-based approach links IT outcomes to business results in a cohesive management program, focusing on enhancing and leveraging the value of your IT and application assets
      • Governance and Service Level Management: Joint governance processes keep clients involved, with full visibility into what's happening at every stage of the engagement and tracking the benefits and objectives of the outsourcing program
      • People, Processes and Technology: Their service delivery approach is based on a disciplined, proven approach to integrated applications and IT service management leveraging their industry-leading Macroscope methodology focusing on quality through SEI-CMM, ISO and ITIL certification.

      Fujitsu takes full responsibility for the integration, enhancement and evolution of IT assets, business applications, and professionals to enhance and manage the value of your application portfolio, reduce the total-cost-of-ownership, increase the return on IT investments and align IT initiatives with business priorities.

      Fujitsu offers a full range of services from selective applications outsourcing through to business process outsourcing:

      • Application Management: Ongoing support, enhancement and development of custom developed, packaged and Web-based applications to deliver sustainable business value, stabilise and reduce maintenance costs, and redirect savings to business enhancing IT initiatives
      • Package Management: Ongoing support, upgrades and management of packaged application solutions to deliver sustainable business value, stabilise and reduce maintenance costs, and redirect savings to business enhancing process improvements
      • Full-scope Outsourcing Services: Ongoing management and delivery of IT services for a client's infrastructure and applications environments providing complete end-to-end coverage
      • Business Process Outsourcing: Owning, administering and managing the business processes, providing services according to defined metrics, and continuously improving the processes over time.

      You can learn more about Fujitsu's managed services here