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      1 min read

      E3zine Magazine: Digital Transformation Challenges Of SAP On The Cloud

      Cloud migration is supposed to improve SAP system performance, but it could be an expensive move if you’re not addressing the challenges of SAP on the cloud.

      To beat the 2025 deadline SAP set for all its users, enterprises and MSPs are actively working on migrating to Hana. More and more often, this process is accompanied by migrating SAP to the cloud. Though the deadline could be a moving target, most organizations do recognize the value of SAP cloud migration as a way to improve operations and cost efficiency, accelerate time-to-value, and offer clients innovative reports, services, and products.

      While IaaS platforms offer the potential for more dynamicity than on-prem infrastructure, many SAP users are slowly realizing that operating and monitoring SAP on the cloud comes with a set of serious challenges that companies aren’t always aware of prior to an SAP cloud migration.

      Here are three of the most arduous challenges organizations face when navigating SAP cloud integration.

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